REPLAY: The The – Mind Bomb

Posted: November 28, 2012 in "Real" Monsters

Zillamod –  Every generation we retrace ideas, thoughts and have discussions we had 20 years prior.  Someone is hearing and exploring concepts about truth, religion, finance, ideology, politics and human nature for the first time.

Right now there’s a cold war for control over what people know and whether or not to continue freedom of speech en masse.  There is a segment of the population who have other plans.

The The’s Mind Bomb explores the eurocentric problems of  what we believe and how belief is manipulated by people who actually don’t care about you. They just care about your daily transactions and how that gives them oxygen, relevance and power as a parasitic coalition called “government”.

This is how I heard hard news for the first time.  It wasn’t CNN.  It wasn’t the NYTimes.  It wasn’t American Family radio or Disney/Murdoch/Clearchannel affiliates.


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