2012 might be time for something else than Godzilla Govt.

Posted: December 10, 2012 in "Real" Monsters

Earlier this year I cited the words and wisdoms of indigenous elders in America concerning 2012 hysterias.

At my last musing, I concluded that if you haven’t heard from the orginial sources, the Maya, on their own calendar you shouldn’t spend personal energies on flawed cultural misappropriations.

Since that time I have discovered a Mayan spokesman who believes among other things that pole reversals have been strategically attempted, to the point of increasing earthquakes and resulting in global man made disasters.   Mayan science contributions recall the use and evidence of proton or anti-matter accelleration and decelleration. Ac Tah, a Mayan spokesman for a galactic alignment, claims this is to maintain a specific energetic frequency, prolonging the resonances of  December 21st’s galactic alignment for up to 3 months.  He believes that Mayan temple architectures were constructed to contain the goals of this science.

A 2012 PROJECTION according to an actual Mayan

Ac Tah claims that a window of global “elevated consciousness” will exist for 8 minutes.These 8 minutes will be felt across the globe and will constitute an ascension for some.  During this 8 minutes people may experience something similar to the Bible’s judgement day.  Reportedly all of your deeds good and bad will be revealed to you and a collective conscience. New ideas and knowledge about the soul’s mission in this existence would be revealed to the individual.This is followed by a couple of days where the world goes dark.  The sun will rise and set normally. However, daylight will seem more like an eclipse at that time.

His recommendations in the 36 hour period prior to December 21st, 2012 is that you prepare spiritually and energetically by doing things that help you experience joy, lead you to a place of happiness, peace and thanksgiving.   He recommends having a paper and pen for writing, sketching and placing ideas and notions understood by you at the time of the great revelation, rather than simply committing the tale to memory.

Some will be willing to understand the messages given to them at the time to benefit themselves and mankind. Since the vibration can’t be maintained it will be a forgettable experience.  So if you use Dragon transcripting, for instance, you would document any undertsanding you get about the world, your mission corrections, and what you should really be doing with your life as a balanced, morally restored being.

It gives humbling new meaning to the phrase “cleaning the clock”.  This lends an idea to how power, debt, money and global policing will move away from some of the confining norms but also how some of the events we see with surveillance attempt to mimic the power of the ascended consciousness.


There are common threads amid many cultures reflecting more of a marriage between science and spirituality.  According to AcTah, the pyramid shape containing the all seeing eye we have found across the globe: from the US dollar, to the Iraqi histories in Bablyon, to our government’s use of the icon in a Total Information Awareness full spectrum surveillance program.  The Mayan spokesman speaks to its use of energetic records of knowledge frequencies.

I found similarities I can draw upon that exist here that are representational of what exists in the Maya’s evolved age of consciousness.  There is something called the Akashic Record, according to occult theory; which contains the whole human history of experience and existence recorded as an enegy form.  A pale imitation would be the data center in Utah and an existing data center in Israel which captures all mobile conversations worldwide.  The point of these data centers would be to house all conversant or transactional evidence of human use or actions using digital media or mobile technologies.  Digital infrastructures are reliant on energy to function. There may be an attempt to mimic the Akashic Record in our current experience.

Allowing governing societies to move ahead with a totalitarian surveillance does not lead to any form of spiritual liberation. In fact, the point of virtual surveillance is base in its execution. It is a tool to submlimate integral boundaries between human enforcement structures and the normal individual.  These tools in the hands of an unevolved, dominantly paranoid government and banking structures will fail in their mission. Government trends using mass surveillance are to limit and imprison the individual in order to express animal domniance and a predatory place in the natural world against its own species. That’s not spiritual at all.  Ruling frequencies are far too low and unevolved compared to the spiritual resources accessible during a Mayan 2012 acsension.

This might certainly be bad news for anyone invested in mass debasement of human society, destruction of the earth, violence and extinction of living things on the earth to some predatory and exclusive self-servicing benefit.  Higher lifeforces will depose the low living standard.

For those who want a world with much less pain, suffering and who find human happiness useful they will be the haves in a world reconnected with healed nature.  The rule of higher vibration might be expressed in the image of a powerful laughing Bhuddah.

The good news is that you have a couple of weeks to rethink things just like everyone else.

You could always chalk it up to sensational psudeoscientific spirtual debris of the age. You might decide after reading this the Maya are just a ruined indigenous nation in a 3rd world country whose technologies can’t hold a match to eurocentric infrasturctures, if you’re a cynic.

To those who believe they have it all figured out, you haven’t seen anything yet.  You can’t prep your way out of this and you can’t call FEMA to come bucket you out of your spiritual disaster.

I will be holding out for the better standard if it can be had.


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