4409 works hard to inform on HAARPzilla

Posted: December 13, 2012 in "Real" Monsters
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Zillamod —  December is a time to reward good works, with good gifts.

4409, a skilled video producer from Arizona’s media activism scene, is an organizer in the 2012 Arizona Activist Awards. We toast your role in the awards, for your foresight and your creativity lent to bringing a sunlight cure to the worst-of-the-worst Govzillas.

The following 4409 video posits HAARP to be one cause of global weather disaster at the hands of a cloaked, or invisible Govzilla.

Jamiroquai also deserves honorable mention for his prophetic role in the production of his video Deeper Underground in 1998; which I discovered days before Hurricaine Sandy hit the coast of the US Eastern Seaboard. Many people believe it was HAARPzilla.  Please help your fellow man clean up this mess: www.121212concert.org



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