Turning PRISM a different way to see the light

Posted: June 18, 2013 in "Real" Monsters

Zillamod —The aspirations of US national intelligence agencies are high. So high in fact they have expanded into exploring esoteric practices. What is known of these pursuits is known but not well known.  Most of it falls under the chapter of the MK Ultra era in the 1970’s.  These classified government programs were also secret and not subject to public oversight. Once exposed they were stopped since they exceeded any direct benefit to the public interest. Our government exhibits growing historical evidence of an unhealthy relationship to secrecy compared to the expected role of the publican.

The latest of uncovered classified scandals is PRISM, a comprehensive Internet and telecommunications dragnet surveillance program of every interaction on the planet, using the most commonly trusted systems.  This program demonstrates our government wants to see into every home, every interaction, with a level of surveillance comparable to omnipotence using technology.  You are not stupid if you thought these people are attempting to play God in a supervisory role. What they know about you is classified. You cannot know it because they have “the sight” and you do not.

PRISM is named after a glass with the ability to separate the light spectrums into ranges of color to a rainbow.  The laymans context of esoteric sciences has everything to do with light, illumination, enlightenment, awareness and the ability to see and work with light. Often this leads to a discriminating sense based on experiencing and seeing what others literally can’t see. The 3rd eye, so prolierate in cultures around the world, illustrates a certain sight or hidden ability to see what others cannot from an elevated spectrum, usually at a pinnacle.

All governing bodies struggle with the spiritual morass of leveraging power over another from the top of the pile. Good governing requires expert technical judgement, avoiding character slights to minimize political infighting and requires an almost bottomless well of humility to deal with the simple, the ignorant and those infected with avarice. This also comes to responsibility, to allow laws to be made from moderation, not insecurity.  In democracies, decisions are not made alone but with heavy consideration given to the impacts of the laws on the people. So in good government there is moral and communal support for “doing the right thing” based on guiding values like: liberty, freedom, equality and justice for all.

From an early age, American society conveys a message made clear to young people: the people with power are the ones at the top.  This is not news to most of us.  As adults, we are constantly renegotiating and trading ways to empower ourselves to address our needs. At the end of the day the people can forget government, as they should, if it is done well.

There are several moral and spiritual breakdowns happening simultaneously in American governing behaviors. There is a prevailing exhibit of hubris. Elected officials and agency workers often believe, mistakenly, they can do whatever they want to the people in their charge. This attitude “rolls downhill” to bureaucrats who believe they are the top of the pinnacle to you, after recieving abuse from their higher ups.

There is the persistent requirement of theatrical heroics on leadership; which requires expert acting skill but nothing genuine offered to the public. The theatre is so exhausting, whatever prevails, even if it is contrary seems irrelevant to the performance displays themselves.  CEO’s in companies get more room for performance allowances than our elected officials and actually get things done. However, that kind of leadership requires a very different skill set than public office.  Avarice is now driving the leadership car in government which represents the ability to make and sell widgets, not design and maintain societies for higher development.

So to break it down succinctly, at the top we have a small group of spiritually dim and morally base people who routinely abuse those around them. They are insecure, often suffer from low self-esteem, and frequently turn to substances like drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. And they power trip.  Interesting.  They are like a lot of people you may know.

They are not exhibiting governing action from the values of liberty, freedom and justice for all. They are in fact increasing incarceration, dispatching common freedoms and limiting justice for all. The bruising of the people is seen on the surface, followed by angry calls for reform.

This means that they are not our moral superiors. They’re not invested in a deep spiritual way of life to pursue the esoteric sciences. That requires an initiate crisis of transformation so debasing that it literally shatters The Ego. It is very dangerous work to the ordinary life. Whoever takes it up starts with a very hard fall, intended to break that person. Ask any Shaman. The persons who pursue the esoteric sciences are indeed dominated by the healing arts, light energy work and transformative journeying. If used for good on the planet they bring great increase of health to the world.

What we see here is the mismanagement of esoteric power and light working arts by people who are of low bearing, ordinary, mundane spiritual means and practice. In other words, US Intelligence Agents dispatched to perform rather esoteric, godlike oversight acts are not a disciplined priesthood.  They don’t have the right spritual equipment to come anywhere near playing God. If they did the results would be very different for the public interest.

HINT: You should really watch out for anyone steered to precipitating world apocalypse because they want to see God for themselves. They don’t get it.

Yet, the American government has equipped these very human agents with an office title, immunity of secrecy, technology and an excuse but not the morality for panoptic surveillance.  This a very unfortunate situation for all Americans.

There is a saying, “Pride goeth before a fall.”  In America you are safe as an athiest to deny God’s existence (while we still have the 1st Amendment).  You can even believe you are God, as many people in our government do, as they continue to implement mass surveillance schemes using common resources.

However, there are a great many more ordinary people who understand that the one thing that provokes God’s unwavering opposition is pride, hubris and injustice against the small, the weak, the poor, the orphan and infirm.   In other words – everyone.

Which is why, if someone is wise and knows their true size in this world, they will stop competetive effort to play God. The way the powers of light are rebalanced is quite mysterious. It has a very direct correlation with taking on far more esoteric practice than you are equipped to respect as a science.

Don’t stand close to falling giants.


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