How Los Angeles cured my problems with racism and eugenics

Posted: July 25, 2013 in "Real" Monsters

ZillaMod —   If you spent time in LA you may end up waking to a certain realization: you don’t owe anything to anyone who isn’t helping you. That’s called looking out for yourself or survival.  In Los Angeles, looking out for yourself forces the issue.

There are two main categories of political crazymaking in the wheelworks at the moment, mostly attached to immigration: racism and eugenics. Racist and genocidal pathology is common. Don’t get shocked. There are plenty of great examples of  Institutional racism, environmental racism and selective bigotry in Los Angeles.   So much so that it qualifies as a fairly fantastic ground for identifying and evaluating petty tyrants in society.

The memory fuzzes after so many years. I came to the point of recollection after reading 2 – 3 headlines like : Superrich dead heiress spurred environmental depopulation movement and Paula Deen Never Shared the Wealth As Initially Promised; black woman paid 10$ an hour while Deen made millions on her back.  These headline scenarios hearken to knowledge I attained in L.A.

Does any of this sound like the speech given by an executive film producer to the Interns and Production Assistants the company is slaving for low-low wages?  Doesn’t this sound like the scene where the MBA or lawyer slime takes a check from a soon-to-be discarded partner once this person lands their first job at a firm? Doesn’t this sound like the plastic surgeon who guarantees your look will be “unique”, when every Barbie leaving the office looks exactly like Cher?

The genocide-by-design piece may simply be some rich kid who ate the crazy pills offered by the grandfather trusts or keyholders to the Golden Handcuffs.  You might run into some of these people in the West LA neighborhoods, Beverly Hills, Westwood or The Santa Monica City Council among the “urban development” teams.  They seem nice at first.  That is until you realize they believe it singularly depends on them to pare down the human race.


L.A. happens to be one of the most well known towns for attracting pathological narcissists in droves, all seeking the fastest path to fame and power.  It draws a lot of psychopaths who will tell you anything they think you want to hear, berate you for not intuitively reading their minds like their sycophants claim to do and ruin for ruining’s sake, because they can.  Any excuse will do: racism, saving the environment, killing your Mom in a cult ritual…  whatever is expedient.

This translates to crafty, ultra manipulative crazy people escalating to positions of wealth and power. They can swim with sharks. They behave like both prostitute and mobster. They will kill someone if they don’t get caught. They will subvert and cripple the careers of authentically talented people for no particular reason, because they can.

They’re not in any kind of right to do this. What you may need to come to terms with is that racists and eugenicists are actually psychopaths. For this, you owe them nothing except to avoid them like they have a contagion or clothes soaked in untreated sewage.

There are plenty of rich and powerful people who are decent good people. They don’t feel any compulsion to exploit those less fortunate. Go find some.  They are out there.  I can verify this because I met these angels in Los Angeles. They never felt like they were betraying themselves by being kind to someone for kindness sake.  This is why I won’t attack “The Rich”.

I try not to swear off or single out any people group, except psychopaths.  If you bought into villifying an entire race or migrant group of people, you are working for some psychopath for free. Please don’t volunteer up for it.

Here are 3 easy steps to moving on, quickly, with your day after a brush with racism or eugenics mongering.

1) NOTICE YOU ARE BEING AFFECTED BY A CRAZY PSYCHOPATH – Anyone who wants to kill or suppress an entire population’s human rights is nuthouse material.  No exceptions.  They will tell you it is due to: an ideology, a status, a war, a religion, environmental bearings, “the aliens told me”, the Greater Good.  The excuse is irrelevant. Please focus on the laws of our society. Individual homicide by another individual is a federal crime. Mass homicide by an individual or small group is exponentially more of a crime.

2) DECIDE YOU DON’T OWE A PSYCHOPATH ANYTHING –  Racists and eugenicists are not helping you. Don’t let them talk you into believing they are helping you.  If so, you may find yourself in the straits of SLAVERY or indentured servitude.  Of course, someone migrating to the US is as human as you are.  A black person has always been 5/5’s of a person.  Wages do not come with a coupon guarantee for employers, “VAGINAS, always 30% off”.

If you believe you are inherently better than your fellow human beings, you are working for a psychopath for free. And you, my friend, are getting taken.

Unless, of course, you are a racist or genocidal maniac. Then you should escort yourself directly to the nearest InPatient mental health facility to declare your homicidal, sociopathic tendencies to the doctors. You are not well enough to be with the rest of us.

3) DUCK OUT OF THE SPHERE OF THE PSYCHOPATH’s INFLUENCE – If it’s the news, shut it off.  If it’s your neighbor, excuse yourself to the bathroom.  If it’s your Pastor, an out of town family member is ill. If it’s your boss, let them know you have a lot of work to do for them.   Whatever you have to do to unentangle yourself from the little trap set up, do it.

Look yourself in the mirror and say, “I’ve got this.”  Be true to you. Getting away from anyone on the predatory take is always a favor to yourself.

If you managed past an interaction with any psychopath, pat yourself on the back and get yourself a treat.

You have made the world a better place, for yourself.


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