Keep an eye out for The People Under the Stairs

Posted: October 17, 2013 in "Real" Monsters
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Were this an actual Government Shutdown, a secret unelected government steps in represented by highly concentrated partisan interests.

Communities, economists and governments around the world are breathing just a bit easier after the US debt ceiling was raised last night ending a three week furlough or US government “shutdown”.  As previously stated, this government shutdown was only a partial shutdown.

It was certainly scary for some.  As mainstream media angrily declares that retail markets were cut off by the shutdown, more people realized just how much the US government has marbled themselves into lives domestically and around the world.  As bad as it was, it could have definitely been much worse.


The hard questions have yet to enter open discourse concerning how this government shutdown occurred in retrospect. The Congress and the President were deadlocked for weeks, each avoiding a vote while Congressional government of other public affairs continued.

However, had this been a real government shutdown, with Congress unable to cast a vote or provide representation, on either a volunteer or paid basis, another government body would have stepped in.

Which government would that be?  A clandestine government justified by its more formal title, Continuity of Government, established to resurrect US society after a crisis event.  There were several sourced reports claiming this government is partisan.

This secret government would have the potential to completely hijack the global economy and comprehensively depose American governing bodies straight down to the tailbone of your town council.  They are also responsible for most or all  US and global mass surveillance policies, starting 2002 with the Main Core database.

(2:00 p.m.) September 11, 2001: All-Republican US Shadow Government is Formed

c/o History Commons

[The emergency operations facility in Mount Weather, Bluemont, Virginia (the entrance is shown on the left and the interior blast door is shown on the right). This is one of the Continuity of Government bunkers used on 9/11. [Source: ABC News]]

It [was] later revealed only hours after the 9/11 attacks, a US “shadow government” formed.  Initially deployed “on the fly,” executive directives on Continuity of Government in the face of a crisis that date back to the Reagan administration are put into effect.

Approximately 100 midlevel officials are moved to underground bunkers and stay there 24 hours a day. Presumably among them are a number of FAA managers, members of a designated group of “shadow” managers, who slip away from their usual activities around midday. Officials rotate in and out of the shadow government on a 90-day cycle.

While the measure is initially intended only as a temporary precaution, due to further assessment of the risk of terrorism, the White House will decide to make it a permanent feature of “the new reality.” A senior official tells CNN that major factors are the concern that al-Qaeda could have gained access to a crude nuclear device, and the “threat of some form of catastrophic event.”

However, this same official will admit that the US has no confirmation, and “no solid evidence,” that al-Qaeda has such a nuclear device, and says that the consensus among top US officials is that the likelihood of this is “quite low.”

When the existence of the shadow government is later revealed, some controversy will arise because it includes no Democrats. In fact, top congressional Democrats will remain unaware of it until journalists break the story months later. [CNN, 3/1/2002; WASHINGTON POST, 3/1/2002; CBS NEWS, 3/2/2002; FRENI, 2003, PP. 75]

So when President Obama says it is time to stop rule by crisis, we believe and agree with you, sir.

We all look forward to the time when secret government will cleared out and anulled for the abuses conducted by it. We care that it is done. Otherwise, it will continue to escalate its own interests and importance by precipitating government   and global economic crisises.

See you in mid February.  Until then, watch out for, “The People Under The Stairs”. They may use  national emergency, emergency management drills, or State sponsored terrorism to seize or prove the COG wheelworks, more commonly known as False Flags or Black Flags.

In Other News: 

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