REWRITE: An alternate scene change from ABC’s Scandal

Posted: November 5, 2013 in "Real" Monsters
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A woman’s rebuttal from an imagined debate panel 

ZillaMod – You will simply never hear it.  Perhaps you have yet to be confronted with a woman’s presidency in light of reproductive morality plays.  It’s not discussed often unless in context of crisis management.  However, the fictional narrative put on display on last week’s Scandal  was a woman presidential candidate being urged to “come clean” about a pregnancy.

Lisa Kudrow’s character blithered and bleated on stage, pleading with America’s audiences to look past or forgive her for making a baby at fifteen years of age. Prior to this, she tried to cover up her pregnancy and childbirth like it was dirt in a dirty dirt filled past.

So here is how I would have rebutted the fictional debate.  I felt this approach was better to America’s women, to the fictional candidate and to teevee watchers hung up on beltway hystrionics.

Here is the alternate scene change with a much stronger fallout for the character.

“So I would like to thank the Senator for handing me this bully pulpit to shape public opinion.

The Senator asks if there is anything I should come clean about. I had been advised of this “anything” ahead of time. “This” being a thinly veiled threat of outing a pregancy or childbirth.

Well, I guess fertility, childbearing and pregnancy are issues we would have to confront at some point during this election cycle because as you have observed, keenly, I am a woman.

Senator, I would like you to look out into the audience and consider America’s women and daughters.  I will stake my candidacy on what I believe is the truth when I say: there is not a woman in this room or watching this program who wishes to apologize or “be held accountable” to the Senator or America for the act of being pregnant or producing a child. I am among them. Fertility is not a matter decided by the State. It is a natural right most granted to women. American must protect the natural rights of all its people and their respective privacy.

The Senator intended to make a cute little exhibit of his contempt for women & their privacy, here, during this important debate.  Sounds like more of the same old business as usual to me.  I say let’s get campaign distraction out of the drivers seat, shall we?

My reproductive capacity is not the given charge of this office nor is it available to the American people as a professional offering.  Furthermore, I would say to America, you have nothing to fear from my reproductive technology. It cannot be weaponized.  My gender is simply not allowed to be another campaign distraction when so much is at stake.

What you may fear is that I will only act decisively and responsibly when it comes to the life and death of Americans, because I obey my conscience.

A vote for me guarantees an Administration that will not act alone and in secret.  This is a far cry from the current standard where otherwise furtive lives are buried in prisons and debt and death comes by UAV drones and reckless Executive defense calls.

I ask you to evaluate my decision making considering the longterm impact of policy proposals I place on the table.  I urge the voters to examine my proposals.  We can grow trust for economic reform, paring down our bloated defense budgets, eliminating toxic and destructive fiscal and environmental waste, and streamlining reforms so American families can support themselves sooner than later, while protecting what they have.

I urge voters to help me make the best decisions for America. By voting for me, you endorse policies and agency reforms that reinforce and rebuild the efficacy of your own voice in this Administration. “


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