I am tired of carrying bottled water when the tap water utilities are paid.

Zillamod — I recall much thirstier straits living in Los Angeles, Phoenix and places in the Southwest.  This required lugging bottled water up multiple flights of stairs, across far parking structures and finally through the front door to shove into my refrigerator. All the while, praying I had remembered to fill the ice cube trays so I could have a drink of cooler water.  I, like many bottled water consumers, worry  about local parasites from aged pipes and chemical toxins mangling my neurons.

I also made mistakes.  I trusted conventional sitting water filtration systems you can find in any grocery store to successfully purify my water.  The horrible truth is that if I trusted a drink that had moved from the tap into my mouth, within a day I would suffer headaches, facial breakouts, and sinus pressure. I suffered only the sensations you can aquaint with mild poisoning. It was almost always benign, but just enough to force a choice between laying down and shuffling around sick and exhausted, making excuses to your more robust pals. I was ignorant then, but not anymore.

Los Angeles in particular was mired with other, more serious, toxic environmental foes. Smog blew in from the Pasadena mountain area and the valley. It settled over the LA freeway systems.  If you created distance from South Pasadena you realized how much better you felt when your lungs were not making giant deposits of heavy freeway toxins into your vital organs.

Of course, you will know right away what that feels like. For instance, if you sit in crawling rush hour traffic on the 101 with the window rolled down due to Summer heat, you have made a mistake. Your liver starts to swell enough to cause minor discomfort when pressed against the steering wheel.  That’s because you are hunched over as your intestines start to cramp and question you openly. Again, your sinuses become hardened and dry from the poison, adding fatigue, and a splitting headache.  You just pray inside of your moving sauna if you don’t have AC and drink the bottled water.

You would absolutely drink the bottled water. LA water is more toxic than any worry over neighboring Tiajuana revenge.  You would drink it or welcome your slow introduction to weakness, resignation and then down the line some terminal cancerous illness leading to death.  No one comes to LA to drink the water only to become sick and ugly.  However, if you make that mistake, you will be.

If you didn’t have a spring water delivery service, you lugged well over 50 pounds of water to stock at your house over a month.  More of course, if you don’t know you’re pre-diabetic from mainlining fast food, because you are constantly pounding back the gallons.

If you lived in central LA you begin to feel slightly ashamed of the fact that you have to drive past San Bernardino to get to a Costco wholesale market. You might fear being shamed out loud by eco-nazi neighbors, if they figured out you weren’t moving the bottles to and from a work site and for “shopping at a Big Box” store.  Either way, you would suffer lugging the heavy bottles to and from the car as if from a magic plastic well.

Once at the house, you have a gazillion things to do that have nothing to do with water. However, you need the water around to offer to people, clients and to evade “random acts of distracting bullshit” as others see you impaired for not having something in your hand to drink.

As you sherpa your water from a car or a bus to your destination in 85 degree heat you begin to relate more to the 3rd world cultures around the world.  They have to lug their water from community wells and cannot drink the water from their irrigation systems, either. While you might thank God you can have a clean shower later on, you remember the distinct pain in your living conventions from “carrying the water”.

I cannot escape the Aquarian pain. Everyone needs to have something to drink.  If you can’t offer someone a glass of decent water to drink, you’re not a host.  You are barely a human being. All civilization that is civilization is based on where someone can get something to drink without danger of dying. That’s why its a crime in Arizona to deny someone a drink of water.  It’s so simple. Yet we still don’t have this problem conquered as a species.

Thankfully, I have devices like foldable hand carts that help me upload my water from the car to the elevator where I then wheel it to my home.  Other men and women around the world have to stop what they are doing (which might be really important by the way) to go fill up giant heavy loads of water on long rods. This is to be followed by a long weighlifting walk.  All of this so they can cook, clean, bathe and carry out sanitation  conventions. They have to do this every single time the water gets low or runs out. EVERY TIME. ALL THE DARN TIME.

Even these people still have it better than some Americans. Municipal water utilities throughout the United States add chemical poisons to the tap water as a matter of unfortunate fact. In some US locales, you will worry about a 1st world problem of flammable water from fracking and irradiated water from mining. Then there are the usual assualts on our water system: unfiltered pharmaceuticals, mercury, manufactured fluoride waste, perchlorate (perc), chloride, and occasionally, e-coli.  It’s only a problem until it’s not.

Whether you are conscious or not why you consume so much bottled water as conventions may command, you are being self-protective. If American tap water was awesome to drink we would not pay [MAJOR SODA BRAND] to refilter Los Angeles tapwater and sell it to us for a couple of dollars as [BOTTLED WATER PRODUCT].  Governments have something to do with why people are being duped into paying for L.A. tap water twice.

There are City governments with regulatory requirements to add chemical toxins to the water supply.  There are State governments who have made it illegal to collect rain water in barrels.  People might use it for free or at profit loss to public-private utility companies who dutifully dump the government required chemicals additives into the tap water. The government cannot find a way to tax what falls from the sky.  Local governments increase taxes to make people pay more for increasingly polluted water. The costs of utility union pensions are passed onto water consumers. Consumers who never get an increase the quality of the water supplied to the public or the local infrastructure.

I’m going to keep drinking bottled water.  I will keep looking for the BPA free bottles in my supermarket and asking about it because I don’t really need to take on any more weight. (BPA toxins will make you heavy.)  It does seem that governments aren’t really interested in if my tap water is poisoned.  They’re only interested in in denying it’s poisoned and insisting it’s safe to drink so they don’t actually have to tell the people who sell the additives their chem contracts are cancelled.

You see, if they opened the bids to the whole market it would bring up a solution for improvement to the local water supply.  This would actually redirect government funding to doing something effective.  For instance,  if you are busy selling flouride, perhaps you will be encouraged to renovate your business model to invest in filtration systems to remove the SSRIs, flammables and carcinogens from the tap water.  These contract bids would be open to those who prove they can do that and shut to those who cannot.

You shouldn’t make a public forced to pay taxes and the utility companies subsidize poison additives to the tap water.  That’s just wrong.

Lets say you have Executive power over local regulatory conventions in agencies with public utility oversight.  Let’s say you have a little budget to help fix utility infrastructure to rebuild an improved workable water system.  You could open the market bids to a competitive solution to clean the water based on your local budget.  Someone wants that contract. If you co-produced a utility system that actually got the garbage out of the local water, you would make things better.  You would get the credit for ushering in precise cost-benefit initiatives to increase the overall health of the citizens and lower public healthcare impacts.

If society can improve to a point where I am not lugging 50 lbs of water to my home 2 – 3 times a month, similar to 3rd world countries, that’s a success.   I would love to  just walk to my tap and get a glass of perfectly clean, toxin free water as a result of the utility fee I pay already.

The downside would create a market casualty as the bottled water industry takes a hit.  Would that be so bad? Disposable plastic water bottles are a growing environmental nuisance. The BPA makes people fat and sick.   Besides, who really wants to pay 2$ a gallon for LA tap water they have to lug up 4 flights of stairs?  No one who cares about their health.


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