Community of the Absurd

Posted: March 7, 2014 in "Real" Monsters
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Zillamod – This author is not unlike others who watch TV and scroll the internet for curio and trivia.  It just so happens there is an entire community out there devoted to demonstrating the “belief” or “truth” of UFO or extraterrestrial life. I think we all may take for granted the vast information body exists on unexplained flying objects. The trouble comes with the assertions of US government involvement with extraterrestrial representation because there *may be* alien life.

So, welcome to the Community of the Absurd.

The absurdity comes not for proof or lack of proof of alien life as much as at how the United States government quails passive-aggressively on the subject of enforcement and regulation of expolicy. First it scoffs in denial of alien life, then leaks reports to leading exopolitical analysts that there might be the development of an agency to relate to existing alien life. It then releases rival charges from NASA, another executive agency, proof of alien life “would devastate society”.  This presumes alien life must not exist because it is against the political interest of the institution of the US government.

So far the only consistent legal evidence of how to approach exopolicy is inconsistent. There was once a national security cabinet which wrote up a regulation that citizens should lose their 1st, 5th and 6th Amendment rights if the government had proof of contact with an alien. It was a federal crime for a short time. The maximum penalty was indefinite detention. Then the regulation was revoked, but not repealed.  Dr. Michael Salla claims the regulation is still cited to actively encourage anyone to abort contact with an extraterrestrials and to not speak of it for fear of losing human rights.

Then comes a contested news leak from Iranian press that Edward Snowden provided “incontravertable proof” that sovereign governance of the Unites States was handed to the Tall Whites, an alien species rumored to live on the back of the moon. Who would even make such a decision? The anwer would be presumptively in a national security office somewhere above the US President.

There is the “debunked” evidence of MJ-12 or “Majestic” governance: 12 professionals with security clearances up to seven pay grades higher than the US President, still on the government payroll to date.  They are in the budget, yet, the government claims the MJ-12 team does not exist, according to Wikipedia.

So.. if the government could prove you contacted an alien you might lose your human rights in a comprehensive manner. However, if you are one of 12 non-existent people actively on the payroll above the US president, you could hand over complete soverignty of the United States to an alien species?  This “alien problem” is really one of a very human nature: duplicity.

Which criminal law firm do you call if a member of the US goverment were to try to indict you on secret evidence that you contacted an alien, when it has openly denied evidence of alien life since 1969?  In the Community of the Absurd, proof of alien life might be just one giant distraction from a problem that remains consistent with the Excutive Branch, abuse of power and imperial overreach against individual sovereignty.  Mass abuses of power are already impeachable offence. When is it okay to dispose of a ruler who has made a faustian deal to rule against civic contracts with anyone, much less an alien race?  Uh, that would presumably be never if you are the HPIC- the head puppet in charge.

The only devastating thing about the Executive handling of would-be-alien-life is the lack of citizen efficacy for human and civil rights in current process. No one who took an oath of office, as a US public official, has the right to cede the human rights of the American people. The NSA agency amid other Intelligence gathering agendas have proven themselves to be operating against the soverignty of the US people and its constitution on a continual basis. There is more than enough evidence that substantiates it has broken the social contract with every American citizen, forfeiting the right to govern without the existence of alien overlords.

The US Intelligence service’s comission to break ranks with the Constitution and American human interests, not just of citizens, but hard won diplomatic allegiances abroad with our allies is a serious political problem.  This is a story of avarice, cloaks and daggers, secrecies, witch hunts, smear campaigns, intimidation and obsession with control over any and all information.  This is also problem endemic to any political institution of the human race.  The shock comes to cruelties we routinely commission against our own kind.

The aliens don’t need to exist. It is already the highest treason of any Executive agency to invent a global threat to assert military dominance against its own people.  The worst has already happened by the hand of the devil you already know.  Alien living in America emerges as a haze of absurdity added to previously existing global threat of terrorism as an excuse to subvert of your natural rights. Empire syndrome is a pre-existing condition in human governments. It certainly would make more sense if your perpetrator were not human vs. a human ruler behaving like a monster.

Sadly, if you lose your rights and face imprisonment by human authorities for virtually anything (NDAA), you won’t care, much less recognize, the authority of an alien barking orders from the back of the moon. The absurdist result is exactly the same: you lose all of your conventional freedoms and natural rights to someone who has no right to take them from you in the first place.

Decrees from the Community of the Absurd can globalize the threat of “the terrorists” or “the aliens” or “ environmental disaster”.  After, they can committ hundreds of millions of dollars of graft under veil of complete secrecy, erect their own court system, pass laws that abridge the US Constitution and try to kill whomever they want.  The great circle created by globalist elites looks more like parasitic infection.  Yes, we should defnitely get that looked at.

That is why the current error at large openly masquerading as “public service” in the form of State Secrets and National Security license is actually tax fraud, graft and dereliction of duty.  The Wizard of Oz should be suddenly out on his ass if I could click my heels three times, eradicating the need for an expolitical institution from the Community of the Absurd.  The American people need agency first.

I feel badly for those would-be-aliens roped into clandestine dealmaking with the US government coming to collect on treaty.  They should talk to the Native Americans about their trials and tribulations with this government.

There is a saying used in many parts of the United States, “I don’t know you and I don’t owe you”.  My advice going forward to anyone from the time-space continuum is to try to sitting down with the democratic leaders of our great republic, the people of the United States, not its politicians. They are known to make promises they can’t keep.


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