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Posted: March 19, 2014 in "Real" Monsters
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Zillamod – I got an 404 Error trying to visit the contact page of the office of the Vice President.  It’s to be expected I think.  If you put yourself in their shoes I would not want to hear any more words from the US public.  The times for the people are harsh; which yields harshness.  What can you expect when you tolerate and allow corruption to flower?

The beat down on American government is actually getting so bad it’s hurting *my* feelings.   It’s getting so depressing,  I am wondering how anyone can actually function or lift their head, much less get out of bed, put themselves together and get to work.

So I wrote this  note. I’ll have to use Twitter to send it.

Dear Vice President Biden, 


This is a note of encouragement to you and to working members of the White House.  

I’ve noticed something that really troubles me about the court of public opinion, the White House and about human beings in general.  If you are too critical and too hard with people, they don’t have room to improve. It troubles me to see Presidential administrations over the course of twelve years be in such poor balance of public opinion. 

As a member of citizen media I have certainly identified myself as critical of my government.  I might be called a patriot with a really tough backhand stroke when it comes time to face the truth.  However, these times call for balance.   We have reached the outlands of extremity and the leaders have lost their way. 

I urge you against being discouraged to the point you can’t remember your ability to do good and lose sight of the modest, right way to do things. Don’t believe the swirling morass surrounding the administration is completely one persons fault, because your wear the leadership cap. It’s time to assert the truth here. 

Not everything the Obama Administration does is “wrong”.  Please remind yourself and your staff of the positive things you are doing to reconstruct and build America.   I hope you and your staff make time to speak up about the truly good things they do internally because it is really important for morale. We don’t need to hear it – you do.

It will inject courage and clarity about your abilities and the truth of how you are doing some things right. The country needs your leadership to be inspired by authentically positive examples of simple good deeds. Routine observance of these truths will keep your eye on the prize: a positive direction for America. Don’t feed yourself on the cynical, underlording that seems to keep oozing out in mass media.  

Think and believe on the most positive future in reach, not the future you despair and fear.

The Obama Administration is taking some knocks.  The bad news is the beatings will continue; even if I never said anything critical again for the remainder of the time you, your staff and  Obama are at the EO.  I get the sense that some of this job is really impossible if you want to please everyone about every single policy area. This is just a gentle nudge: don’t give up on doing what is right, honoring your oath of office and a commitment to do whatever you can to clean up your own house (which is the Senate, actually.)

I’m concerned for the morale of civil servants sacrificing their mental health daily to do public service work in an essentially corrupt and dysfunctional system. It didn’t get that way overnight, so the expectations are that you first survive your dailies with clarity and mission focus intact. Then accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.  It often takes more courage to be strong in the face of internal intrigues and just do something good for the sake of doing so. 

So this is a certain reminder, I believe that you can do good for America. And I am one of your worst critics. 

I hope this proves you can build upward and not look back. 

Thank you for staying focused on reachable good you can do for America’s society.

Be strong.


Zillamod, the writer at Godzilla Government blog


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