COMING SOON TO PIRHANA THEATER: Mad Political Science presents “Start with the People: A manifesto to reform exopolitical affairs in the United States”

Posted: March 21, 2014 in "Real" Monsters
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Start with the People

A {drafting} manifesto to reform exopolitical affairs in the United States


Sheila Dean

*Dedicated to all the hard working people trying to open the government.

“LET THE SUNSHINE IN!”  – Hair, the musical

Mad Political Science Publishers, 2014


I. OPENING ARGUMENT: Deconstructing the myth of extraterrestrial supremacy to existing governance


“Current exopolitical analysts dispatching reports have, unfortunately, been able to manipulate and marble some substance or existence of their interests into working relationships with retired members of US armed forces and US intelligence agencies. They build a case of ET rendered geopolitical supremacy based on the able cooperation of US government agencies to conduct the will and kinetic force of policies presumed to be set forth by extraterrestrials. Tools of global enforcement reported to be in use against populations include but are not limited to: abduction, rendition, kill operations, psychological operations, global mass surveillance, individual targeting, the commission of clandestine technologies and the use of torture. None of these conventions are new for governments to display dominance towards perceived enemies or human publics. They have merely claimed these operations to tie in representative government as public agency and to substantiate global supremacy as enacted ET governance.

There is no legitmate claim to govern the people of the United States by any extraterrestrial interest. Any internal claims by US Defense or Intelligence agencies to allow ETs to govern for reason of trade or extraterrestrial defense dominance dissolves the foundation of the oath of agency and the agency commences with treason. The actions of deferring governance to an extraterrestrial race dissolves the public contract of that agency for becoming a live operating enemy to the sovereignty of the American government and a threat to the US people. These agencies then become the homegrown terror agents themselves, promulgating a coup and committ an act of war against itself.

The myth of extraterrestrial supremacy then is debunked for it relies on the agency of treason in existing government to proceed. Proponents of global extremism in exopolicy would need to actively rely on collusion of current government resources with ETs to undermine the natural rights of constituents as their proof of governing supremacy. Extraterrestrials have no agency or representative body of their own to enact governance on this planet or to produce any use of enforcement against sovereign publics. Nor have they put forward any such claim.”



“The Black Budget may prove there are employable positions in the shadow government sectors. The most likely candidates for these positions are human beings. After that, there is no accountability over how the money is spent, how to regulate who gets a contract, whether the service is effective or relevant to the American people. Whether or not there are ETs involved or employed by our government, the taxpayer continues to be forced to pay for a secret complex that locks out their interests in their name. This creates a nearly perfect storm for agency fraud, embezzlement and graft corruption of agency officials. Were the ET Industrial Complex a systemic hoax conducted by Intelligence agencies to defraud the Federal Reserve of hundreds of billions of dollars in defecit expenditures, our government’s fiat economic agreements would be compromised. The fallout consequence of mass embezzlement would both destabilize the global economy and the US government.”

III. TERRESTRIAL RIGHT TO INDIFFERENCE TO EXTRATERRESTRIAL RELATIONS [Incl. Constitutional amendment for Congress not to project (or punt to) ET Government, end debt ceiling appropriation to comission Black Budget projects incl./esp any Extraterrestrial basing, subject current commercial bids to a grant review process to benefit impact studies incl. environmental, human health and safety, and any labor impacts in true context of public interest benefit. The legal definition of indifference to extraterrestrial policy pursuits towards human kind and the planetary environment.]

SUMMARY: Establishes principle policy details of your right to not care or be troubled by the agency of extraterrestrials and for government to annul secret rule granted to extraterrestrial dominance. [In laymans’ terms  this presents your constitutional right to not care and/or deny appropriation of resource for an alien agenda, known or clandestine.]

VI. THE RIGHT TO BE LEFT ALONE [Includes restoration of conceptual privacy as projected exopolicy as established human rights-relations, universal declaration against clandestine abduction scenarios, the idea of reproductive sovereignty as a human right as projected exopolicy, restoration of rights for prisoners of black site prison system – including an appeal for legislation to repeal the NDAA arbitrary indefinite detention provisons at military discretion, clemency for prisoners of the clandestine state to be brought above board, monument to the disappeared -names and identities of men, women and children disappeared by the secrecy state in order to “protect” any  ET-government collaboration throughout the 50 States recognized at the capitols.]

SUMMARY: The right to call force to defend yourself and your property from invasive extraterrestrial advances on your life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.



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