Lucid postures from Chthulu on 9-11

Posted: April 10, 2014 in "Real" Monsters, "Surviving the Future"
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What do you do when Chuthlu shows up in a smart suit to focus rhetoric from The Fear Insitute in your dreams?

From the mists of a dream a character appeared to me.  It was a serene Chthulu, H.P. Lovecraft’s dead god of the Underworld, in a grey suit and a red tie.  He calmly pointed me to one of the twin towers which had been struck by a plane.  He insisted that I focus on the displaced bodies of very unfortunate people falling to their deaths from the World Trade Center over a decade ago.

I have thought of those people from time to time.  Sometimes as ghosts. Other times as zombies.  Their imagined responses to being killed in the September 11th attacks are as varied as the people actually killed or victimized to death in the NYC disaster.  My thoughts of them rally forth as ghosts seeking the truth about their demise. Some of those dead gratefully surrendered to the event as a closure to their living on earth. Others are angry, misting around the NYC tower grounds grumbling at failed attempts at survival or unfinished business transactions; which may have been as meaningless as their end. Some, behind the force of their patriotism in life, would be for war or for civil sacrifice.  Some would be appalled at the demise of our privacy and the decommission of our liberty over their death to a point of grief. Today so much foreign war, torture and tyranny is couched on making their deaths purposeful by US leaders.

I would like to see the ghosts of the scattered fallen in NYC speaking for themselves. I imagine them haunting a corrupt Congress and Executive agencies to cease the excuse of mass surveillance. The dead from these buildings would demand justice and a return to normative freedoms we enjoyed before the 9-11 Commission placed itself above the US Constitution.

Yet, here we are with hardly any fear of god, devil or poltergeist in these Institutions.  Only the distillations of psychopathic intent forged on a fiat appropriations committee and then presented to the people under force of “law”. Corruption is the process. The plebean may not trust it. They are far beyond the insult into the paces of survival.

World trade concerns are simply temporal.  They have no lasting spiritual meaning or result.  The actions of the marketplace are as perishable as the  people committed to them.  You may wonder what the true fate of the WTC’s fallen would be, but it wouldn’t be that much different from when we say goodbye to living. Idealizing the fallen at the WTC might be a spiritual mistake.  We already know what the policy mistakes look like from misappropriating the reverence of these dead.

I awoke to a stream of texts from my boyfriend asking me if I did in fact need a medicine from the drugstore.

I think its more than odd, since I have never read a single H.P. Lovecraft novel in my life, that one of his dead underworld gods of apocalyptic destruction would usher in such a discerning request to think of in one of my dreams.

I learned that both Chthulu and the Dreamlands are the creations left behind by Mr. H.P. Lovecraft.  The Dreamlands were later populated with the stories of author, Johnathan Howard.  Howard animated the journey of a protagonist, Johannes Cabal. He was sent on a mission of reconnaissance into the Dreamlands to seize the Phobic Animus or the embodiment of fear, upon commission of none other than The Fear Institute.  This may have everything to do with the War on Terror.

It does seem that an Chthulu made his message of focus known to me to point to an agenda of The Fear Institute, as an analyst.  Chthulu, who is dead himself, had an agenda in reanimation.  It would be to end this world as we currently know and produce a reign of permanent arbitrary destruction.

It occurred to me that the War on Terror, the backwards thing that it is, has become the most appropriate vehicle for Mr. Chthulu to achieve his aims in resurrected living.  The War on Terror has become the thing it has feared. It fights and kills millions, adding the source of its origin as a target: American fears brocaded in the dead piles of a few thousand New Yorkers.  Chthulu simply wanted me to focus on the cascade of falling dead from the Twin Towers and nothing else.

I write this response to honor his peaceable visit from the Collective Unconscious; which yielded some musings on the Twin Towers’ dead.  Politicians love to speak for the dead, because they cannot speak back.  The truth may be if the dead of the Twin Towers could speak, would it get past the seared consciences of those in power to turn the policy from the Error of Terror (heh,~Era of Terror) to a beneficial type of  regressive defense reform?  What will it take for those in power to take the gloves off?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that  if you need the WTC dead to speak, it would take a necromancer as adeptly imagined by HP Lovecraft to produce the answer to that question. More to the point, why do we need to call up the dead to make a point for the intentions of the living?  Can’t we do this ourselves?

To Chthulu, my dream visitor, dead god of the Underworld, please, tell your fellows at The Fear Institute that I owe them nothing more and leave me be.


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