When the truth hurts

Posted: May 14, 2014 in "Surviving the Future", accountability
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Sometimes life will imitate a desert.  One will search for miles, redoing the math, tearing down and rebuilding shoddy constructions, monitoring modern reporting for any sign of rain or relief.  Ignorance is soon to become an endangered species, if the Internet comes through the other end of the mean. We must first have accesss to the truth. This will take some convincing. For those who actually possess a truth, to bring it forward is no light undertaking.

I haven’t yet discussed the nature of the commission of the Indigo generations. They step outside the astrologically analyzed spin of each generation’s Pluto, Saturn and Uranus planets. This is repackaged in mass media as something you recognize: The Boomer Generation, The Lost Generation, Gen X, Gen Y or millennials.  Presently coordinating their territory against that of a lion with an endless appetite for the children of men, nature, and misery itself, are the Indigo children.  They carry the truth with them, whether they want to or not.

Indigos are jailbreaking an empire of lies, lead by liars and their dupes. The first, second and fortieth time an Indigo speaks their truth, they are not believed.  They are imperfect emissaries who are immediately gaslighted from the time of their first peep resembling light, truth and integrity. They are people who have made mistakes in life. They are society’s gender or moral deviants. They may have been someone’s victim most of their lives. They are financial reprobates. They have been overcommitted to the wrong direction. They have a history of hypocrisy in corporate or government fealty.  They are vulnerable people impossibly buried by reproach. They are people bound and gagged by achievement, success and family obligations.

If they survive the abuses of power, they make a powerful connection. The truth will be true; whether it is spoken by a donkey, a monkey, a priest or a poltergeist. The truth isn’t a subjective matter.  The truth is a subjective matter for magicians and liars taking you to spin class.

Then something truly groundbreaking happens. They open their mouth for the 41st time.   It finally sounds like something that matches the integrity and strength of their nature. They are a sudden convert to their own understanding by speaking aloud what is condemnable heresy to a liar.  Truth becomes their new master and the master of all who hear it. What remains is the tombstone of dearly beloved lies.

Lies have no permanent authority. They are an invention to protect the perceptions of those who escape into drugged lassitude of power, built on falsehoods.  All social ills come under the sickness of a lie’s polluted inversion. However, all it takes is the persistence and courage of someone who possesses a truth to portray it as medicine to be made well.

The right time and right place arrive. The tower cracks. The dark emperor falls.  The earth finds the splattered remains of all of his lemmings. Their survivors will be found weeping because they also were overcommitted to the lies at great cost.  This is precisely when the truth hurts.


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