An app for “#Glassholes”

Posted: June 4, 2014 in "Real" Monsters

Here’s a friendly e-mail you can pass along to someone you know which might be useful if you’re slightly concerned about privacy.


Hi There,

(*Remember, copy paste links from an e-mail into a separate browser to avoid trojan malware infections.)

There ‘s another privacy threat out there called, Google Glass. It attaches wifi to a set of computerized glasses that conduct a live video webcam feed wherever the Glass wearer is. A lot of people are a little distressed about it. Indescriminate Glass wearers are called, comically, Glassholes.

Most everyone is distressed these days about privacy. On June 5th, many people are adopting the privacy pack materials at to better secure their life online.

There’s also a pretty awesome privacy applications suite at The Guardian Project available for free to download to secure iPhones and smartphones.

But to cut off a Glasshole you’ll need a special app

available for download here.

Here’s more about that:

Thanks for considering it.

Your friend in deed,


P.S.  Life is too short to put up with Glassholes. Enjoy a beautiful Summer.


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