A note passed to the organized #Libertarian political infield

Posted: June 16, 2014 in "Real" Monsters
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Dear Libertarian,


This is a brief note to let you know there has been a line drawn in the sand. It would be good for you to practice some observance.

I have found the realm of active organized politics very confining to my personal pursuit of #Liberty.

I don’t like being pressured and told what to do by people who are forceful and weird with me when I do volunteer up to lend support to the profession of Liberty ideals.

The worst part is found among the problem characters in the field of organized politics. Those who seek power to have power for power’s sake.  For them, the Libertarian cause is an entrepreneurial opportunity with free labor attached. Their plans are not different from other partisan animals. They wish to seat themselves atop a hierarchy of people they despise.

While we presume these brothers & sisters extol the priority of Liberty amongst each other, they also tend to lie, cheat and steal from each other, as with typical factionalism professions.  To these charlatans, you know who you are.  I will point you to someone who may take your indefinite orders for zero compensation, but I won’t be doing anything for you as your intent is made known.  I’m not your amenity.

To the sincerity of the rest, I feel the need to explain there is a limit to what I can be expected to grant in terms of Libertarian genie wishes.  Once that limit has been reached you will be informed that my bond to you has been lifted.  I will drift away like a ghost into the ethers.

Liberty is personal. If you want Liberty to be an act of brute labor, find some money to pay your workers upon an agreement to make it a profession.  You will find some hypocrisy among the less spiritually inclined to make arbitrary demands with slavish and abusive conditions for people who perform work tasks amongst each other. Often they are not charged anything for political labor. Yet, when The Willing apply themselves they often are mistreated as volunteers.

Cause labor isn’t free. It comes at a cost to everyone who applies themselves responsibly. If you are not communists, don’t act like them. Recruit qualified people whose work you will trust and respect as if you were running a business. Pay them a market adjusted wage.  However, don’t insult voluntary or paid contributions with petty tyranny, threats, screaming, carrots, diminution and intimidation, because they will hate you, leave you and misunderstand Liberty.

No one cares if that is the standard way the political profession or active campaigning is carried out.  No one cares about your cult of insanity or your initiation fantasies if they truly give a damn about their Liberty.

Always be grateful for what you have. No one is promised anything.  Gratitude will help you stay human and flexible when everyone else is becoming another substrate species channelling intent that leads to frothing at the mouth, dropping chromosomes like dead skin cells.  Those moments are really frustrating.

Finally, do not exasperate your fellows’ goodwill with constant grating philosophical classifications of phyla of species and subspecies of Libertarianism.  Liberty is simple. If you get  lost in the trees, deep in the forest, some of us will call and you won’t be able to recognize us.

Thank you for considering it.


Sheila Dean for Godzilla Government


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