10 common tactics used to demotivate decent writers

Posted: July 8, 2014 in "Real" Monsters

Or other reasons why the journalism trade is unattractive for people who need income

I write this for the people who say,”Bah. You’re uncommitted. You just don’t want it bad enough.”

Ok. You’re absolutely right.  I don’t.  There are reasons.  Here are 10.


  1. Point them to avenues of non-paid heirarchy as a source of employment
  2. Read their pitches and fail to send any note of receipt or response
  3. Throw out their copy out because it’s better than yours
  4. Offer unqualified reasons their writng is unusable, include personal insults
  5. Go to journalism networking events and snub efforts to find pitch opportunities or employment breaks
  6. Be a dick to the interns and the administrative staff
  7. Talk trash about other great writers on your staff and laugh about how they’ll never get anywhere
  8. Ask freelancers to write for free when you could easily pay them, as a juvenile inititation rite
  9. Berate or show open mean spirited contempt for credited writers on staff asking for a pay raise or benefits
  10. Deny them important legal resources and job tools to deepen the meaning of a story or confirm sources







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