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BTC –  The ALCU of Arizona reports an increase in claims of racial profiling at 2 cases a day trickling in from cities like Peoria, AZ since the passage of SB 1070.  The people being pulled over are not caucasian snowbirds from Ottowa.  They are overwhelmingly people of color with hispanic surnames.

Has the law been enacted?  No. But that hasn’t stopped Arizona from firing teachers with accents and looking the other way as city mural art pieces are defaced as if it were open season on anyone hispanic.

Is there a privacy risk where the driver license information of those detained will be funnelled into a federal immigration database where your information is unprotected? Yes.  Will it happen to you if you are a caucasian concealed weapon carrier in transit? Not likely, UNLESS…. Arizona’s DMV decides to fold all of that information over to DHS and domestic intelligence agencies. Of course, it won’t be about race at that point.


I am so so sick of SB 1070, Arizona, the racists, anti-immigrant people, immigration, the immigrants, the white people “defending” the immigrants, identity theft, database brokering vultures, the 11th grade arrested development and the pitted faces of irresponsible commentators.   Watch the 1st Amendment right to complain unfold in real-time about my Constitutional sea sickness as someone who proudly identifies as both caucasian and Mexican born American.  [WHOOPS!  Sorry 2010 Census – you didn’t have a box for both!]

TRUTH:  I don’t have to pick a side when I am both. Obama should back me on this one, if necessary.

The 10th Amendment  was developed so States could kick out federal affairs in important issues where their services were not wanted or needed.   The 14th Amendment was instated so that people of color and anyone born in the United States had equal rights as human beings.   If your a racist – sit down, have a coke and a smile:  the 10th Amendment is not around so you can abuse the 14th.  If you are a Federalist totalitarian, your going to lose your right to rule if you don’t get moderate and respect a State’s right to set boundaries honoring due process establishing States interests.  Arizona should realize even if the Federal government isn’t moving at the bit rate you want them to, Immigration law is not a right reserved to the States.

I think we’ve all had enough of the posturing and race baiting and the heavy handed gun waving.  Go get some libations and something to eat and catch a great Summer show.  “Immigration” is not getting resolved today. 


Thanks to the people at Twentieth Century FOX we landed an interview with Robert Rodrigugez who plans on releasing the official trailer for MACHETE July 9th. We will be discussing the social commentary component.  No doubt we will probably find intelligent, provacative things to say if you are opposed to interracial marriage.  
Here’s the unnofficial version of the trailer.  How seriously can you take it?