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The aim of an Orwellian psych-out only serves HAL

ZILLAMOD — I picked up an interesting anthology of essays, What Orwell Didn’t Know, Propaganda and the New Face of American Politics. The assertions are consistent with the time it was written for and even more so now. It carefully dissects the deliberate manipulation of language in media. This lead to Orwell’s assertion that in totaliarian governance public view of truths are To-Be-Determined by those in power.

Bring a life preserver. HAL isn’t going to provide for anything outside of your dependence on the system.

Hubris and censorship are not new under the sun. Nor are autocrats, authoritarians or those who want to deal unjustly to turn down objective of law for personal and collective benefit.  It always helps to know you are not the first person in human history to deal with government machinery; which oversells adoption of authority and then doesn’t care for the fate of those in its mandate.

Why should it?  It is a system. Systems don’t have feelings, empathy or any human parts.  That is why it would make perfect sense to get someone who has none of these traits to manage it from a purely technical sense. In practice, human systems of government and would-be governance ply programmable human parts, meat to run like machines.  Machines need troubleshooting.  When they don’t work anymore they are labeled “junk” and are thrown out.

Businesses and governments tend to recruit people who objectively obey all commands and produce robotically on-demand. Through breeding and psycho-social conditioning western society has produced a culture where at least 1/3 of the residents are going to obey commands entered into their respective CPU’s, without reasoning in their self-interest.

As you try to run most human beings like they are machines there is a fundamental conflict: feelings, empathy, health impacts and most importantly, a will. Human beings are not technologies to be slaved. This is one great fundamental conflict with fantastic amounts of story.  It is a well that all types of writers will draw from again and again to illustrate our present human experience. They know it is a system that is not working for human interest.

The quest to objectify all of humanity works just fine for the system itself. It is a winning solution for the machines who, like HAL from the film 2010, will preemptively shut down the life support of sleeping innocents for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time to retain its function and position. The mistake was whoever designed HAL, required human life to be overdependent on its sympathetic functions.  We learned HAL was a stupid machine with too much power and blunted sense of mission.  It was a machine that killed those in its care to retain its respective position as a malfunctioning robot.


HAL is a robot.  There is no “justice” for robots, only scrap heaps.  You might be able to fix HAL’s programming. However, human beings with a strong sense of self-preservation will never trust or allow HAL to manage sympathetic functions from a dependent position ever again.

The irony would be human beings who have traded in their humanity for mechanized or systemic parts suffering a sudden recollection of their humanity and their will.  This reanimation comes tragically upon stark realisation they are creating great harm to others in their care.  This usually is paired with a train of institutionalised human dependents weighing heavily on the system: invalids, prisoners, orphans, the seriously mentally ill, and the military.  The system needs these as reason for being. It will create and sustain conditions to fuel its reason for being regardless of how well it performs for society.

Do I need prisoners, orphans, invalids, mental patients or the military to survive?  No.  However, the system needs them to be relevant.  One solution would be to take the systemic dependents away from the malfunctioning system so it loses power and will submit to a technical fix. That is exactly what Republican interests keep trying to do. Then someone would have to adopt the burden of institutionalised dependents.  You can take the dependents out of the institution, but can you take the institution out of the dependents?

Whoever wants a technical policy fix needs to deal with the co-morbid problem of the unhealed or those with involuntary dependance on State systems.  Some of the prisoners can be freed by changing ludicrous laws.  Some of the mentally ill can be helped with compassionate reasoned care.  Some of the invalid will recover.  Some orphans will be adopted to competent caring homes. Let’s say up to 1/3 of these people groups will not.  Their interests are inherently tied to the existence of anyone who will provide for them unconditionally until their confines perish. This kicks back to reason for keeping HAL’s lights on. In the meantime, HAL is still malfunctioning, maiming and killing those in its care and seeking to create more dependents to sustain itself.

It now dawns on us the express technical fix is not sufficient alone to service a system managing human populations.  A working system will balance the technical fix with the interests of independent reasoning human beings using common intelligence and empathy.  You must allow The Public a manual override of operations to maintain the system when it is fundamentally at fault.  Such is the case with the NSA and general welfare agencies administered by the Executive branch.  The Constitution provides for such an override in the emergence of comprehensively rogue government.  However, HAL’s intent is to override the override. Quandries.

The system will still be a system, but someone with some higher intellect will need sense enough to produce a timely remedy vs. to preserve the faulty system for the sake of having a system.  The latter principle is ludicrous. It is failing the world.

If you allow for the human override there will be some shedding of bureaucratic weight, military attrition and prison releases. There will also be a rebalance of power so poorly functioning parts, departments or rulers will be replaced to restore the interests of the general public not the system itself.

You can tell The People the machine is broken all day long.  To trust a broken machine that kills and maims the public interest as a staple is a bad idea. It will get 1/3 of the vote in the west for being the prevailing state authority.  The rest of the public won’t believe or accept that as a fix.


You will realise there are so many socially accepted remedies for common problems which defeat the public interest. In Egypt and Macedonia, women eroded their faces with radioactive make-up in efforts to look beautiful.  In the dark ages, people threw their defecations out of the window to later to walk through them on the way to the marketplace, curtailing lifespans. Today, millions of people are walking around with dental fillings containing 50% mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxic element that is medically admissible in dental practice.  In the future it will be something else.

In every one of these cases, people were led to believe prevailing social customs were safe and acceptable.  To challenge them was considered inconvenient or frowned upon.  To challenge the prevailing wisdom of a dysfunctional power with an authentic fix will be viewed by many as actually immoral and perverse.  However, if you are wiser than just 1/3 of the western public, your gift of conventional wisdom is meant to prevail and improve the human condition.

MR. SNOWDEN’s ACCOUNT –  The NSA is embarassed. The State Dept. is embarassed. The Executive Branch is still embarassed from last month. Hell, even last year, when Petraeus abused his military intelligence to keep tabs on his mistresses (plural). Rep. Pete King (NY), testified his hot desire to imprison Guardian journalist, Glenn Greenwald for publishing an article on a public funded mass surveillance program. [That doesn’t bode well for his media affairs aide.]

Everyone is embarassed because they are exposed. Everyone except, Mr. Snowden.

State Peeping Toms are abusing  government office and resources they were trusted with. How is that different from Anthony Weiner abusing Twitter?  They should step down. Or at the very least, knock it off or dial back the digital 4th Amendment raids on everyone.

ALEX GIBNEY’S “WE STEAL SECRETS”: NO SALE –  What started out as standard documentary nostalgia of the digital whistleblowing era, eventually turned into an obvious hit piece sympathetic to convicted hacker and intelligence informant, a tearful Adrian Llamo and Assange’s “rape” victims.  It is still hard to believe that Sweden won’t use Skype to question Assange about a broken condom and unprotected sex during a naked sleep over. There was a morbid fact defecit in Gibney’s reports towards the UK government’s effort to imprison and extradite Assange to the United States if he left the Ecuadorian Embassy. If Assange wanted to charge Gibney $1 million for an interview, it’s because he was intuitive to the directors intent in the film.  Gibney made no mention of a directors interview attempt of Assange’s mother.

Brad Manning was depicted as “a stupid PFC” by a former CIA Director. He was also framed as a lucid, displaced and deranged gay man in the US military who made a terrible choice in leaking what later became the Collateral Murder video.  Manning may have suffered from gender conflicts but his movement in a crisis of conscience was very far from stupid.

We Steal Secrets was the premature historical write off of the Wikileaks chapter by the director who made Taxi to the Darkside.  This serves mainstream release to Democratic political interests on a week where RT – Russia’s state sponsored TV affiliate, ran back to back coverage of the NSA’s harrowing, comprehensive plunge into the average American’s electronic records using PRISM.  Oscar winner Taxi to The Darkside took a couple of years to make it into Netflix Instant Play.  We Steal Secrets was available in on-demand cable channels opening night  in select theaters, the same night as general release.

The holes in this documentary create a draft from a time period where many rely on their better recollection of current events than Gibney’s production conveys.  I have lost  trust in Gibney’s work. His intent was to paint Assange into a corner where “he did this to himself”. Something that police in repressive regimes often say to those they assail as they beat them.

The Obama Administration has moved to prosecute more government whistleblowers than any President in US history.

BILDERBERG WRAPS AS THE GLOBAL GOVERNANCE BLOB – I recently re-read Dan Estulins lolling carosel of actors cast in The Bilderberg Group.  Reading Conspiracy Theory literature, even if it is based on facts and well sourced, can get tiresome.

Obviously, I am not on board with Fabian socialism, a global surveillance state and the driving whims to get us all in a national identity data apperture by  less than a 1000 wealthy, self-important psychopaths.  That doesn’t change my need for better editing and comprehensively better media delivery from journalists who venture into thick, weedy territory with dangerous claims.

Sometimes it’s like sitting through the world’s longest, ancient and powerful infomercial before reaching point impact. The endless geneaology seminars and dot-connecting, if not concise, well edited, with good direction drifts the audience into pyramid sales-pitch captivity. I think documentary versions of books work well within the discipline.  It could be magical if they would employ more visual aides, flowcharts or magazine graphic artists to help convey diverse connections.

Now that you sat through my entire editorial critique on this cult segment of media, I conclude the aims of the Global Elite’s white wizards of world domination (MWOO-haa-ha haa!) are an evolving science.  The objective of their game is to upset certain strategic governments across the planet, start wars and create economic chaos in hopes to achieve One World Government using polarization and depopulation. However many Presidents or scheming CFR-Trilateral bonanzas as it takes, they intend to defeat the masses in a perpetual Us vs. Them game of chance.

I think Kissinger is getting up there in age. Many of them want seamless global governance to happen before he goes to the Great Pyramid in the sky.

There’s a catch with global governance as a Govzilla illustration.  It’s policy moves like the B-movie, The Blob.  Corporatized governance is more of an andante moving ooze; coating, absorbing and smothering everything in its path. It’s not a Godzilla direct wrecker.  This buys us time to get to higher ground to figure out how to freeze dry the damn thing and figure out where it came from.

At the moment, governments are working around the clock to gumm up the Internet as a vehicle of the populace. They have done their best to convince us by using this technology we are feeding into our our surveillance apperatus, by their intended design.

Natch.  That ideology has only succeeded in confirming how much the public hates the idea of signing up to die by the vote of crazy, murderous governments. The NSA spying infintely reveals how much we want to live in peace without much need for being someone’s robot slaves.  Invent the robots to replace us first, then we can talk about whether or not The Elite get to decide if we are useful enough to live. My theory? I don’t think that’s going to go very well for The Elites either.

Every few years it’s something.  In 2007 it was Global Warming and the ecology and International war crimes.  That didn’t go well.  It’s hard to lead the charge on ecological improvement when the NATO fed war machine is actually the world’s biggest polluter and the most spreadout source of war cimes in the world (58 countries use US led torture & rendition programs).  In the last couple of years it was global cyberterrorism, the apocalypse, plague scares of maybe 5 people, and the last resort: alien invasion.  What can unite the globe quicker than a confirmed alien invasion?

Stephen Bassett, organizer for the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure is chasing the globalist’s carrot.   He declined to answer any of my questions on global identity initatives amid the transparency movement.  He is openly in favor of ubiquitous mass surveillance. He even stated that those who oppose internal microchipping “are going to lose that one too.” Why not?  Every globalist I have ever met wants unconditional submission to their One World Government fantasy because *someone* has to be in charge, right?  For the price of submission, we will get to see us some aliens, right?

No.  There are a variety of contests to the motives amid the exopolitical community to the use of  alien life disclosure as a panacea.

I don’t know a ton about Exopolicy. I don’t really have to. Here is what I do know:  aliens won’t play by our rules.  If they can fly across space to this planet, they can probably beat us in a war game.  If they wanted a space war, they’d get one.  However, there’s no space war.  There is only a small group of people sitting on piles and piles of money with no one to clearing out the hubris byproduct. This year’s Bliderberg theme was probably, “Quick! Hatch a cultivation of a global government before Henry Kissenger croaks and leaves the inheritance to Rahm Emmanuel!”

Yeah, they’re powerful.  They can watch everything I do and trouble my life, but I am stil a convenient nationalist when it decentralizes the role of government.  I ran a 5 year campaign against national identity systems and data surveillance. I represent all that interferes with their globalist rule. They know we can freeze out The Blob because we have done it before. I am an adult with critical thinking skills, US liberties and freedoms.

Why don’t they just get the message?

Go solve some real problems.

ZILLAMOD – Doublespeak is hitting the human rights arena as an Orwelllian hydra may change the meaning of  “human rights” to be interoperable with genocidal and militarized bloodshed.  Such is the case now that Amnesty International has decided to try to regulate … the International arms to Banana trade?  [WTF?! Left field?]

No, really – Neo-liberalist left field.

According to sources Collen Rowley and Anne Wright, murmurs of infiltration at Amnesty International have lead to claims the organization is wedging the legitimate face of humanitarian interests against militarized trade conflicts started with the hiring of former State Dept. strategist, Suzanne Nossel.

“Under Nossel’s leadership (only since Jan, 2012), Amnesty-USA apparently invited US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, a Negroponte protégée, who is reported to be a major figure responsible for having incited the civil war in Syria (according to the long-planned neo-con strategy for the Mid-east) to speak at a big annual conference in Denver.  Instead of supporting Kofi Annan’s peace plan, Ford was recalled from Syria and is still inciting and propagandizing.”

Again, Nossel was cited for a role in agitating conflicts with Iran in Mondowiess:

Amnesty International Collapse:  new head is former State Dept. official who rationalized  Iran sanctions, Gaza onslaught.” 

Meanwhile, Syrians continue to duck & run for their lives evading complete annihilation by their own Godzilla government.  Kofi Annan  continues trying to move ahead with a coalition to complete a cease fire in.  FOLLOW more news of  SYRIA on AL JAZEERA.


How the two faced role humanitarian aid or “revolutionary” interests in foreign affairs is played out in savage policy conflicts is illustrated here by The Chemical Brothers’ Out of Control.   Trust no one.

I dedicate this Gestalt open letter to 1 Eduardo Saverin, who is currently being persecuted by this government for trying to escape the tax slavery of this nation. May you find happiness apart from the implied US threat of imprisonment and fiscal insolvency.

I assure you there are many, many reasons for Eduardo to want to expatriate from the US in a big hurry and take the blessings of his wealth and ingenuity elsewhere.

It was originally drafted August 10th, 2011.  It has been updated with links.

Dear America,

I love you.  You’re my country but I’m considering leaving you.

There’s lots of reasons why, but the most important ones are that you’ve become abusive, controlling and unreasonable.

You have a problem. You’re bottoming out right now. It’s a good thing because maybe you’ll reconsider the way you do things.You don’t listen to us, your people. In fact, you keep these ridiculous lists and demand that your gangster buddies keep tabs on us when we are at our jobs, running to the bank and at home on our computers.

You’re broke. You spent all our money on your addiction to foreign wars.  After awhile you didn’t care if it was just or unjust you…kept making war happen.  No matter what we said or did, how many people petitioned you or who emptied into the streets, you can’t stop paying for the wars. You’ve fleeced us to death.  You’ve borrowed us into bankruptcy.

Now that we’re all broke- you blame and cast aside the poor for their poverty, the sick for their illness and the migrant for their quest for opportunity.

Your enablers, your crooked money laundering mobsters on K Street robbed us, your kids, and your grandmother while you watched.  You didn’t care.  As long as Afghanistan could keep it going so you and your buddies could sport kill civilians.

Now the world blames us because we can’t control you.  You are so far gone.  People still show up to work in government, but they are all numb and half crazy because none of this has any meaning or makes any sense.   They fight each other to distract themselves from the fact that this government threw its internal compass into the abyss and there’s isn’t a whole lot that can be done.  The egg is broken and scrambled.

I thought you should know I’m not going to wait around while you try to figure out how to put me in a cage so you can keep it all going.  As you are reading this letter, I may be calculating a move as a despised refugee.

I’m not a criminal but if I hang around you will manufacture something I did wrong so you can trap me and keep me in place.  You don’t care about any of our  rights.  You don’t even see us.  All you see is war. Your countrymen who oppose this are your enemy. Anyone in the way of your fix is the problem.  So you dispatch your thugs to watch us “for our safety”.

You need us, but some of us are inconveniently opposed to your way of life; which happens to be sucking anyone in your reach down a dark hole.

I can count on the fact that I will be hated for your selfish, shortsighted ways with the world and steering everyone, including us, by the butt of a gun.  Yeah, you were powerful, but now we can’t care.

We have to take care of ourselves.  We are are all out of money. We have kids and sick, elderly parents who need our help.  You are going to take care of your wars until it kills you and everyone around you.

We would reach out to you, but you’re not *really* there.  You’re just not who you used to be.

America, who are you and what have you done with my country?

Don’t worry I’m not waiting around on you to find out.  


An American Citizen


Catch today’s newest episode of Waking Up Orwell featuring a NASHUP or News Mashup with Lady Gaga, Dylan Rattigan, Ron Paul and sound bites from the film  The Best Government Money Can Buy.

I find it difficult to imagine that anyone reading Orwell’s masterpiece [1984] put the book down and said, “Wow. Wouldn’t it be great if we all could live like that?” But if we don’t consider all of the aspects of double-edged technologies, and if we get too caught up in convenience or too scared to accept less than the most intrusive security, that’s the world we’re going to live in.

c/o Lady Liberty for Liberty for All

In George Orwell’s classic “1984,” Big Brother was the personification of Big Government. He was always there to protect citizens and to steer them in the “right” direction “for their own good.” To maintain the status quo (i.e. government as the ultimate authority), Orwell’s Big Brother did everything from rewriting history and redefining language to engaging in constant prophylactic surveillance of citizens on the streets and in their homes.

In the world of “1984,” thorough records were kept on each and every citizen, and paranoia and fear alone ensured that Big Brother’s control was absolute even when his technological eyes might randomly be turned elsewhere. Those few who dared rail against such things were re-educated using tools ranging from mere propaganda to outright torture.

Is it any wonder, then, that more and more people are talking about Big Brother these days?

If redefining words or rewriting history is “Big Brotherish,” we must take note of recent developments.

The manipulation of history isn’t new, nor is it as difficult as you might think when you consider that history is typically written by the victor. A prime example is the virtual hero worship of President Abraham Lincoln who is credited with ending slavery in America. The reality of Lincoln’s actions leading up to and during the Civil War aren’t quite so glorious.