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MR. SNOWDEN’s ACCOUNT –  The NSA is embarassed. The State Dept. is embarassed. The Executive Branch is still embarassed from last month. Hell, even last year, when Petraeus abused his military intelligence to keep tabs on his mistresses (plural). Rep. Pete King (NY), testified his hot desire to imprison Guardian journalist, Glenn Greenwald for publishing an article on a public funded mass surveillance program. [That doesn’t bode well for his media affairs aide.]

Everyone is embarassed because they are exposed. Everyone except, Mr. Snowden.

State Peeping Toms are abusing  government office and resources they were trusted with. How is that different from Anthony Weiner abusing Twitter?  They should step down. Or at the very least, knock it off or dial back the digital 4th Amendment raids on everyone.

ALEX GIBNEY’S “WE STEAL SECRETS”: NO SALE –  What started out as standard documentary nostalgia of the digital whistleblowing era, eventually turned into an obvious hit piece sympathetic to convicted hacker and intelligence informant, a tearful Adrian Llamo and Assange’s “rape” victims.  It is still hard to believe that Sweden won’t use Skype to question Assange about a broken condom and unprotected sex during a naked sleep over. There was a morbid fact defecit in Gibney’s reports towards the UK government’s effort to imprison and extradite Assange to the United States if he left the Ecuadorian Embassy. If Assange wanted to charge Gibney $1 million for an interview, it’s because he was intuitive to the directors intent in the film.  Gibney made no mention of a directors interview attempt of Assange’s mother.

Brad Manning was depicted as “a stupid PFC” by a former CIA Director. He was also framed as a lucid, displaced and deranged gay man in the US military who made a terrible choice in leaking what later became the Collateral Murder video.  Manning may have suffered from gender conflicts but his movement in a crisis of conscience was very far from stupid.

We Steal Secrets was the premature historical write off of the Wikileaks chapter by the director who made Taxi to the Darkside.  This serves mainstream release to Democratic political interests on a week where RT – Russia’s state sponsored TV affiliate, ran back to back coverage of the NSA’s harrowing, comprehensive plunge into the average American’s electronic records using PRISM.  Oscar winner Taxi to The Darkside took a couple of years to make it into Netflix Instant Play.  We Steal Secrets was available in on-demand cable channels opening night  in select theaters, the same night as general release.

The holes in this documentary create a draft from a time period where many rely on their better recollection of current events than Gibney’s production conveys.  I have lost  trust in Gibney’s work. His intent was to paint Assange into a corner where “he did this to himself”. Something that police in repressive regimes often say to those they assail as they beat them.

The Obama Administration has moved to prosecute more government whistleblowers than any President in US history.

BILDERBERG WRAPS AS THE GLOBAL GOVERNANCE BLOB – I recently re-read Dan Estulins lolling carosel of actors cast in The Bilderberg Group.  Reading Conspiracy Theory literature, even if it is based on facts and well sourced, can get tiresome.

Obviously, I am not on board with Fabian socialism, a global surveillance state and the driving whims to get us all in a national identity data apperture by  less than a 1000 wealthy, self-important psychopaths.  That doesn’t change my need for better editing and comprehensively better media delivery from journalists who venture into thick, weedy territory with dangerous claims.

Sometimes it’s like sitting through the world’s longest, ancient and powerful infomercial before reaching point impact. The endless geneaology seminars and dot-connecting, if not concise, well edited, with good direction drifts the audience into pyramid sales-pitch captivity. I think documentary versions of books work well within the discipline.  It could be magical if they would employ more visual aides, flowcharts or magazine graphic artists to help convey diverse connections.

Now that you sat through my entire editorial critique on this cult segment of media, I conclude the aims of the Global Elite’s white wizards of world domination (MWOO-haa-ha haa!) are an evolving science.  The objective of their game is to upset certain strategic governments across the planet, start wars and create economic chaos in hopes to achieve One World Government using polarization and depopulation. However many Presidents or scheming CFR-Trilateral bonanzas as it takes, they intend to defeat the masses in a perpetual Us vs. Them game of chance.

I think Kissinger is getting up there in age. Many of them want seamless global governance to happen before he goes to the Great Pyramid in the sky.

There’s a catch with global governance as a Govzilla illustration.  It’s policy moves like the B-movie, The Blob.  Corporatized governance is more of an andante moving ooze; coating, absorbing and smothering everything in its path. It’s not a Godzilla direct wrecker.  This buys us time to get to higher ground to figure out how to freeze dry the damn thing and figure out where it came from.

At the moment, governments are working around the clock to gumm up the Internet as a vehicle of the populace. They have done their best to convince us by using this technology we are feeding into our our surveillance apperatus, by their intended design.

Natch.  That ideology has only succeeded in confirming how much the public hates the idea of signing up to die by the vote of crazy, murderous governments. The NSA spying infintely reveals how much we want to live in peace without much need for being someone’s robot slaves.  Invent the robots to replace us first, then we can talk about whether or not The Elite get to decide if we are useful enough to live. My theory? I don’t think that’s going to go very well for The Elites either.

Every few years it’s something.  In 2007 it was Global Warming and the ecology and International war crimes.  That didn’t go well.  It’s hard to lead the charge on ecological improvement when the NATO fed war machine is actually the world’s biggest polluter and the most spreadout source of war cimes in the world (58 countries use US led torture & rendition programs).  In the last couple of years it was global cyberterrorism, the apocalypse, plague scares of maybe 5 people, and the last resort: alien invasion.  What can unite the globe quicker than a confirmed alien invasion?

Stephen Bassett, organizer for the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure is chasing the globalist’s carrot.   He declined to answer any of my questions on global identity initatives amid the transparency movement.  He is openly in favor of ubiquitous mass surveillance. He even stated that those who oppose internal microchipping “are going to lose that one too.” Why not?  Every globalist I have ever met wants unconditional submission to their One World Government fantasy because *someone* has to be in charge, right?  For the price of submission, we will get to see us some aliens, right?

No.  There are a variety of contests to the motives amid the exopolitical community to the use of  alien life disclosure as a panacea.

I don’t know a ton about Exopolicy. I don’t really have to. Here is what I do know:  aliens won’t play by our rules.  If they can fly across space to this planet, they can probably beat us in a war game.  If they wanted a space war, they’d get one.  However, there’s no space war.  There is only a small group of people sitting on piles and piles of money with no one to clearing out the hubris byproduct. This year’s Bliderberg theme was probably, “Quick! Hatch a cultivation of a global government before Henry Kissenger croaks and leaves the inheritance to Rahm Emmanuel!”

Yeah, they’re powerful.  They can watch everything I do and trouble my life, but I am stil a convenient nationalist when it decentralizes the role of government.  I ran a 5 year campaign against national identity systems and data surveillance. I represent all that interferes with their globalist rule. They know we can freeze out The Blob because we have done it before. I am an adult with critical thinking skills, US liberties and freedoms.

Why don’t they just get the message?

Go solve some real problems.

BTC- Based on what we know about police these days, you need to know more.

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WASHINGTON–The FBI is pressing Internet service providers to record which Web sites customers visit and retain those logs for two years, a requirement that law enforcement believes could help it in investigations of child pornography and other serious crimes.
FBI Director Robert Mueller supports storing Internet users’ “origin and destination information,” a bureau attorney said at a federal task force meeting on Thursday.