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Guy Fawke’s Day

with Phil Booth of No2ID

Tune in tomorrow for a special program featuring international identity advocate, Phil Booth of No2ID.

No2ID runs continual campaigns against every successive incarnation of national ID card manufactured by the current UK Parlament & Home Security Office. In previous entries we have presented news of their successes and struggles.

To date, no other nation suffers with the level of closed circuit televised surveillance (CCTV) of independent citizens than the UK. The level of public surveillance surpasses that of Red China. This practice is very conspicuous for a democratic government.

This 5th of November, we adjust our format for an organizer very clearly committed to bringing forward the result of a life freed of the vices of national identity, an end to a pre-emptive criminal databases and the UK database state.
Listen in tomorrow on Waking Up Orwell 9AM CST on

NEXT WEEK ON Waking Up Orwell : Dahr Jamail, bestselling author of Beyond The Green Zone distills the struggle of GI resisters. He reports on the post-military process for active service members who either cannot or will not return to the call of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of his recent work covers the digital censorship of their voice, GI resisters campaigning for office and of those who become political prisoners of conscience.