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The United States has issued a written apology to a jet-setting billionaire businessman with close ties to former President Bill Clinton whose name was added to the no-fly list in the wake of the attempted Christmas day bombing of an American passenger plane.

The Department of Homeland Security has apologized to Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury, seen here with former President Bill Clinton, for placing him on a no-fly list.

Gilbert Chagoury, 64, a Nigerian citizen of Lebanese descent, was pulled off a private jet Jan. 15 at Teterboro airport in New Jersey and detained for more than four hours after federal agents discovered his name was on the then-recently updated no-fly list.

The private jet crew of two and four other passengers were detained for four-and-a-half hours while agents questioned Chagoury. He and the others were ultimately allowed to continue their trip to Paris.

“I think a huge mistake is an understatement,” Chagoury said in a phone interview with and the Center for Public Integrity. ::: MORE HERE:::

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New Mexico reports are piling in about every facet and every detailed move DHS or their local governance makes in the direction of a national ID card. However, New Mexico’s Senators Udall and Bingaman both have responded to constituents demands to go against the PASS Act.
Most states are pacing themselves on the national ID debate to get through the Healthcare valley of decision. Provisional procrastination on PASS ID and the prospective DHS deadline drama has created a slow reaction time from most States. However, New Mexico’s political leaders are buzzing. State level press has been dispached on fact finding missions for any whisker movement from the national ID strata, reporting any leg of development as quickly as possible.
To wit, we feature Neala Schwartzberg for news and analysis in New Mexico. To follow is her latest on New Mexico’s relationship to Real ID and a digest of her recent work on the issue. We thank her for joining the ranks of media active in coverage of this issue.

New Mexico is not supportive of Real ID in its current form.When talking about Real ID, [Rick] Homans [Secy. of NM Tax and Revenues] says, “It was a bad law to begin with and that’s why 14 states have passed binding legislation that prohibits their state government from taking any steps to comply with Real ID.”


Special to BTC, Neala Schwartzberg

One of the issues for us in New Mexico is the issue of foreign nationals. New Mexico views border security as a federal issue and the safety of New Mexico roads and highways as a state issue.

The lack of compliance with the Real ID act does not come from poor security. When it comes to the nuts and bolts of Real and Pass ID, all the security measures, background checks New Mexico is fully in compliance.

Homans notes that people have the perception that if we solve the issue of foreign nationals we’d be home free – but we are still strongly opposed because the issues of privacy and compliance and federal government overstepping its reach.

Neala Schwartzberg is an Albuquerque-based freelance writer specializing in travel-related stories, and publisher of and and The Albuquerque Travel Examiner.


“What needs to be understood is the fact that in order to operate any sort of coffee wagon, hot dog stand or other such business in New York and most other cities, the vendor needs to have legitimate ID in order to qualify for a vendor’s license. It is also obvious that to drive any conveyance, such a taxi cab, limo or airport shuttle bus, the would be driver, first and foremost needs to have a valid driver’s license.

This is why the Real ID Act was so important and one of the reasons I am adamantly opposed to providing illegal aliens with driver’s licenses.”

Michael Cutler, a former INS Agent

*The views and opinions of Michael Cutler are not necessarily the views and opinions of

BTC- According to these reports, the current investigation of an Afghani and another muslim terrorism suspect in NY has revealed that both have lawful immigrant status here in the U.S. The billowing rhetoric from some national Republican lawmakers that a national ID will both control immigration and terrorism is examined in the following News Blaze editorial.

It is our assessment, that not every state is clear about how Real ID and drivers licenses will play out per the administration to legal OR undocumented aliens. In the case of terrorism, lawful entry into the country seems to be the popular modus operandi or means where terrorist are subversively allowed to roost.

However, you cannot prosecute for a crime that has not been committed. The point of an investigation is to determine if a crime has been committed. If a crime has been committed, a jury trial ensues and then a verdict is given towards the culpability of a crime.

In my previous writings and posts here, amnesty has been a stumbling block set in place, ironically, by a Republican president. The Real ID Acts aims to deal with amnesty are placebo in nature, like a sugary pill which actually treats or cures nothing for immigration reform efforts for both sides of the aisle.

Millions of New Yorkers were outraged when former Governor Eliott Spitzer gave Enhanced Drivers Licenses [New York’s respective Real ID] the greenlight because so many undocumented aliens were able to attain legal drivers licenses. In this case the Real ID Act became a leg up for would be terrorism. Cutler’s editorial perspective sheds light on the ideas of immigrants in our country being able to receive identity in order to function normally in day-to-day living. Real ID will be an undocumented aliens American Identity in New York and in Texas or New Mexico Real ID legislation portends relief from amnesty clauses, which it won’t necessarily deliver on. Long standing immigration law goes unenforced every day.

Immigration in this country has become about a black market labor trade. 3rd world undocumented immigrants in this country do not require health benefits, lawful working conditions and receive drastically undercut wages for their work. It’s a business market where both Democrats and Republicans in this country have their own way of keeping things moving towards a profitable hand over fist arrangement.

Anti- National ID advocates are encouraged to accept that Real ID will not do much at all for immigration reform at all because that is not the reason for its design. Its design is to get every American to prove their citizenship at every turn. Real ID’s design is orchestrated so citizenship will constantly be questioned. At that point no amount of citizenship will be enough to escape an arbitrary prying into your life. You will lose some of the integrity of your citizenship, because you may not be American enough for someone that day to receive whatever it is that your mandated Real ID card will call for.

Whether or not we agree with Cutler’s views on immigration reform, it is an honest portrayal of how a NY drivers license didn’t prove its worth as a citizenship sieve to stop terrorism. That is the job of federal law enforcement.

Response to “Two New Yorkers Questioned in Zazi Investigation, Attorneys Say”

Cutler’s editorial was a response to ABC news reporting on the investigation of the NY based terrorism plots.

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Two New Yorkers questioned in Zazi investigation, attorneys say