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BTC – As States continue to oppose the Real ID Act, it’s important to point out there are lesser cited consequences in allowing it to continue. The law’s threat to privacy and civil liberty remain the dominant point of dissent; but there are human and environmental tolls mounting every day due to the law. The Real ID Act continues as one more way to push the otherwise sovereign tribal identities of American Indians into US federal compliance. Immigration case law decisions continue to build precedent on court decisions involved with the Real ID Act.  Immigrants facing political or religious persecution in their native countries have been refused humanitarian sanctuary in the United States according to some of the Real ID related rulings.  Elderly citizens are found to be losing ground over proof of identity and  citizenship. Of course, no one living on the border has forgotten about the big fence continuing through private properties or obstructing wildlife migrations.

You can expect more problems and unintended consequences attached to the Real ID Act going forward today, as it remains law.

You have even more reasons to ask for the repeal of a law passed as an appropriations afterthought in late 2004.   The Real ID Act and it’s long term consequences to American life remain.

Contact your congressional leaders directly here.

[Thanks to Downsize D.C., here is an example of what you can say in your letter! Add any additional concerns of your own.]

I am pleased Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano extended the deadline for states to implement REAL ID from this May to January, 2013. If she hadn’t done this, people in states that haven’t implemented REAL ID could have been denied the right to board an airplane.

But the Secretary can’t repeal REAL ID. Congress can, and should.

The REAL ID Act . . .

  • Forces innocent American citizens to carry an “internal passport” or National ID card in the form of a standardized state driver’s license . . .

  • Their personal information is barcoded and put in a central database; 

  • Which makes them MORE vulnerable to identity theft.

REAL ID also violates fundamental liberties. It will be needed not only to board an airplane or enter federal buildings, it could also be required to earn a living, and even to purchase firearms or prescription drugs!

In states that have implemented REAL ID, innocent citizens are forced into longer and multiple visits to the DMV, and to track down records and documents to “prove” their identity.

And states are forced to spend money they don’t have to comply with it. No wonder two dozen states have chosen to “nullify” REAL ID.

The REAL ID Act is a phony piece of legislation that exploited anti-Moslem and anti-Mexican sentiment. But it can’t prevent either terrorism or illegal immigration! The only people it regulates are innocent Americans.

America is better than that.

Show us that YOU’RE better than that. Repeal REAL ID and replace it with nothing.


If  you’re not certain how to approach your Congressional leader yet, try this.

If you’re ready to go ahead, punch in your zipcode here to find your representatives.

“When Fascism comes to America, it will come carrying the cross wrapped in the flag.” 
-Screwtape in The Screwtape Letters  by C.S. Lewis

BTC – You have the opportunity to help your legislators vote down the “Patriot Act”.


Act as if it had not passed yet, as if there were not yet wiretapping programs and you had not lost your privacy and freedom from arbitrary surveillance. Yet move with as much consternation and venom as the day you realized you were lied to about the WMD’s in Iraq or that Rumsfeld, NORAD and domestic intelligence agencies knew planes were headed for the twin towers.

Here are two action alerts. Say it more than once. The message gets through when you clear your throat and repeat yourself to several friends who are clear headed on what they have lost.

Senator John Cornyn introduced an amendment which would spend up to $360 million of unspent US stimulus money to pay for more border fence surveillance technologies.  As recently as this week, SBINet and ISIS program border surveillance technologies were reported to have failed in providing security to the border.

The prospect of spending bailout funding on incompetent border security is a slap in the face to families and future generations expected to pick up the tab for these excesses.

Please tell Senator Cornyn not to spend stimulus funding on machines and programs which do not work to secure our borders.

Here is a sample of what you could write:

Dear Senator Cornyn,

I recognize the combined constituent pressures from the national security industries in Texas, abroad and on the border.

The people who opposed the bailout do not want you to spend any of their money on technology and infrastructure which failed to competently protect our border. Senator Joe Lieberman recently declared SBINet and ISIS a “failure”.   Please do not use the stimulus funding to pay for incompetent border security surveillance technologies in the amount of (up to) $360 million US dollars.

The Amendment to Supplemental Appropriations Act (HR 4899) may have support for “boots on the ground” from President Obama, but our nation cannot sustain needless and expensive surveillance costs when it is clearly time to cut the waste pork projects from our national budget.

Please only ask for what America absolutely needs and do not put forward any more funding towards a failed fencing project which keeps no one safe from danger.



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A BTC ACTION PREROGATIVE – We need to keep pressing our point of view towards Senate and congressional leaders who have not reconciled with constituents when national IDs are not an item you are willing to accept as law. [It’s something that will cause you to lose elections, Lindsey Graham. South Carolina doesn’t care for any national ID.]

We contributed a modified version of Downsize D.C.’s action alert to OpEd news which is now equipped to reach the media and to send direct correspondence to congressional leaders in D.C. If you haven’t sent your letter against the push for biometric worker cards, or simply want to say it again any way you can, use this link to give your 2 cents. Some readers are at a veritable comfort level with Downsize D.C.’s Educate the Powerful engine, which is still available for interactive use with leadership.
You can add additional information and insights gained straight from the Huffington Post:

ID Cards are Obsolete Technology

Before we become too enamored of the concept of ID documents of any sort as a form of security, or fearful that any other technology will be abused, we must ask two questions, how we prove who we are to each other when we need to do so, and how to do that without impinging on the right to live our lives without a sense of being monitored and overseen?


Addtional supplemental reading on biometrics, surveillance, and Immigration reform:

On biometrics and the politics of a national ID c/o Grits for Breakfast

BTC – Better late than never. Downsize D.C., ever faithful in the anti-national ID fight is this weeks D.I.Y Government OPEN LETTER which is due a blog entry. Use it or lose it.

c/o Downsize Dispatch
The REAL ID Act has punished innocent Americans with red tape, higher fees, and lost privacy. Some in Congress want to add to these burdens.

Let’s stop them! Please tell Congress to repeal REAL ID and oppose any further attempts at creating a national ID card.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .

What is the purpose of REAL ID?

* to prevent terrorists from boarding planes, even though there are an infinite number of other ways to engage in terrorism

* to prevent illegal immigrants from getting driver’s licenses – which only increases the likelihood they will drive without ever being tested, creating more dangerous roads [GOLD STAR coverage c/o FLOGGER, Jim Harper]

Why should either (misguided) goal interfere with an American citizen’s attempt to renew a driver’s license?

REAL ID is working exactly as I thought it would. It punishes innocent Americans like me with red tape and higher fees by forcing us to “prove” we’re not terrorists or illegal immigrants.

In Florida . . .

* the driver’s license fee jumped from $25 to $48
* a woman was denied a license for failing to produce certified documentation of her first marriage, held in 1958 in Minnesota
* and a 68 year-old man’s Rhode Island birth certificate that had been used to get into the Air Force, and to get a Florida license 20 years earlier, was rejected

Nevada has also been plagued by long lines with applicants turned away.

Meanwhile, two New York DMV workers were recently arrested for selling “authentic” ID’s to criminals.

This hardly inspires confidence that a nationalized ID system will stop terrorists and criminals from getting driver’s licenses!

And yet the Administration and Congress are considering a replacement to REAL ID, the PASS ID Act, which will make it even easier for corrupt state employees to get access to my identity documents!

In addition, Sens. Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer want to force all American workers to carry a biometric ID card.

In other words, to hold down a job, I would have to be fingerprinted, enrolled in a national database, and possibly tracked.

I have had it! This is America! Americans shouldn’t have to prove we’re not terrorists, or that we’re not illegal immigrants. I have the right to travel. I have the right to earn a living. I resent and reject any government program that presumes I must ask for permission.

I demand that you repeal the REAL ID Act and do everything in your power to oppose the PASS Act, the Graham-Schumer card, and all forms of national ID.


You may send your letter using’s Educate the Powerful System.

And please consider making a donation to further our work.

We appreciate your support!

c/o Downsize D.C.

REAL ID: Congress is cutting the appropriation for the REAL ID national ID card — by $40 million. That’s good! But they’re still planning to spend $60 million on it in 2010. That’s bad!

Please send Congress a letter objecting to any further funding for REAL ID.

You can copy what I said in my letter to Congress . . .

I’m upset that Congress just appropriated $60 million for the REAL ID national identification scheme. I’ve asked you repeatedly to repeal REAL ID, and replace it with nothing. I’m repeating my request today.

I do not want a centralized national ID system. It lays the foundation for a police state, and will do little or nothing to improve security. Instead, it will subject me to increased risk of identity theft, and eventually entangle me in new Congressional schemes to do things like control my health care decisions.

I also object because the REAL ID Act was passed under false pretenses. It was rejected three times by the U.S. Senate, and was only enacted because it was added to a larger bill containing funding for disaster relief and Iraq. REAL ID never could have passed on its own merits, but now that we have it, we can’t seem to get rid of it. But you, as my representative, can do something about this . . .

Please introduce legislation to repeal REAL ID and replace it with nothing. I’m paying close attention to how you represent me.


You can send your letter to Congress here.

Please take additional steps to spread the word, recruit more DC Downsizers, and increase the heat on Congress:

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Jim Babka, President, Inc.