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LIFE  IMITATES  ART: Fictionalized representation of US IDENT badge
depicted in Richard Kelley’s film Southland Tales

c/o EFF’s Jennifer Lynch

“This week, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and several other organizations released documents from a FOIA lawsuit that expose the concerted efforts of the FBI and DHS to build a massive database of personal and biometric information. This database, called “Next Generation Identification” (NGI), has been in the works for several years now. However, the documents CCR posted show for the first time how FBI has taken advantage of the DHS Secure Communities program and both DHS and the State Department’s civil biometric data collection programs to build out this $1 billion database.” 



PETITION: Tell Congress, Put a stop to FBI abuses and let Mueller’s term expire 

EU considers Trusted Identity proposal of their own, grapples with citizen and global privacy

NETWORKWORLD: Trust, respect and personal datastores

“On the final day of last week’s European Identity Conference (EIC) I sat in on a workshop/presentation of the new Respect Trust Framework, which is being billed as a new approach to giving individuals control over their personal data shared over the Internet and mobile phone networks.”


Here is second life for news that matters: 

UN Proponent, Bill Clinton, wants “independent” news, Internet monitoring service.

U.S. Calls for Global Cybersecurity Strategy

New US International Cybersecurity Strategy Aims to Institute ‘Rule of Law’ on the Internet

Eleven Privacy and Civil Liberties Groups Urge U.S. to Uphold Privacy Values in E.U. Negotiations

Google chairman Schmidt promises privacy controls to UK over location privacy

Blackbird-DoD invents another clandestine, surveillance technology to “TTL” – tag, track and locate.

An Oxford study, policy of OSHA, yellow tag public health, medical surveillance [2000].