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The aim of an Orwellian psych-out only serves HAL

ZILLAMOD — I picked up an interesting anthology of essays, What Orwell Didn’t Know, Propaganda and the New Face of American Politics. The assertions are consistent with the time it was written for and even more so now. It carefully dissects the deliberate manipulation of language in media. This lead to Orwell’s assertion that in totaliarian governance public view of truths are To-Be-Determined by those in power.

Bring a life preserver. HAL isn’t going to provide for anything outside of your dependence on the system.

Hubris and censorship are not new under the sun. Nor are autocrats, authoritarians or those who want to deal unjustly to turn down objective of law for personal and collective benefit.  It always helps to know you are not the first person in human history to deal with government machinery; which oversells adoption of authority and then doesn’t care for the fate of those in its mandate.

Why should it?  It is a system. Systems don’t have feelings, empathy or any human parts.  That is why it would make perfect sense to get someone who has none of these traits to manage it from a purely technical sense. In practice, human systems of government and would-be governance ply programmable human parts, meat to run like machines.  Machines need troubleshooting.  When they don’t work anymore they are labeled “junk” and are thrown out.

Businesses and governments tend to recruit people who objectively obey all commands and produce robotically on-demand. Through breeding and psycho-social conditioning western society has produced a culture where at least 1/3 of the residents are going to obey commands entered into their respective CPU’s, without reasoning in their self-interest.

As you try to run most human beings like they are machines there is a fundamental conflict: feelings, empathy, health impacts and most importantly, a will. Human beings are not technologies to be slaved. This is one great fundamental conflict with fantastic amounts of story.  It is a well that all types of writers will draw from again and again to illustrate our present human experience. They know it is a system that is not working for human interest.

The quest to objectify all of humanity works just fine for the system itself. It is a winning solution for the machines who, like HAL from the film 2010, will preemptively shut down the life support of sleeping innocents for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time to retain its function and position. The mistake was whoever designed HAL, required human life to be overdependent on its sympathetic functions.  We learned HAL was a stupid machine with too much power and blunted sense of mission.  It was a machine that killed those in its care to retain its respective position as a malfunctioning robot.


HAL is a robot.  There is no “justice” for robots, only scrap heaps.  You might be able to fix HAL’s programming. However, human beings with a strong sense of self-preservation will never trust or allow HAL to manage sympathetic functions from a dependent position ever again.

The irony would be human beings who have traded in their humanity for mechanized or systemic parts suffering a sudden recollection of their humanity and their will.  This reanimation comes tragically upon stark realisation they are creating great harm to others in their care.  This usually is paired with a train of institutionalised human dependents weighing heavily on the system: invalids, prisoners, orphans, the seriously mentally ill, and the military.  The system needs these as reason for being. It will create and sustain conditions to fuel its reason for being regardless of how well it performs for society.

Do I need prisoners, orphans, invalids, mental patients or the military to survive?  No.  However, the system needs them to be relevant.  One solution would be to take the systemic dependents away from the malfunctioning system so it loses power and will submit to a technical fix. That is exactly what Republican interests keep trying to do. Then someone would have to adopt the burden of institutionalised dependents.  You can take the dependents out of the institution, but can you take the institution out of the dependents?

Whoever wants a technical policy fix needs to deal with the co-morbid problem of the unhealed or those with involuntary dependance on State systems.  Some of the prisoners can be freed by changing ludicrous laws.  Some of the mentally ill can be helped with compassionate reasoned care.  Some of the invalid will recover.  Some orphans will be adopted to competent caring homes. Let’s say up to 1/3 of these people groups will not.  Their interests are inherently tied to the existence of anyone who will provide for them unconditionally until their confines perish. This kicks back to reason for keeping HAL’s lights on. In the meantime, HAL is still malfunctioning, maiming and killing those in its care and seeking to create more dependents to sustain itself.

It now dawns on us the express technical fix is not sufficient alone to service a system managing human populations.  A working system will balance the technical fix with the interests of independent reasoning human beings using common intelligence and empathy.  You must allow The Public a manual override of operations to maintain the system when it is fundamentally at fault.  Such is the case with the NSA and general welfare agencies administered by the Executive branch.  The Constitution provides for such an override in the emergence of comprehensively rogue government.  However, HAL’s intent is to override the override. Quandries.

The system will still be a system, but someone with some higher intellect will need sense enough to produce a timely remedy vs. to preserve the faulty system for the sake of having a system.  The latter principle is ludicrous. It is failing the world.

If you allow for the human override there will be some shedding of bureaucratic weight, military attrition and prison releases. There will also be a rebalance of power so poorly functioning parts, departments or rulers will be replaced to restore the interests of the general public not the system itself.

You can tell The People the machine is broken all day long.  To trust a broken machine that kills and maims the public interest as a staple is a bad idea. It will get 1/3 of the vote in the west for being the prevailing state authority.  The rest of the public won’t believe or accept that as a fix.


You will realise there are so many socially accepted remedies for common problems which defeat the public interest. In Egypt and Macedonia, women eroded their faces with radioactive make-up in efforts to look beautiful.  In the dark ages, people threw their defecations out of the window to later to walk through them on the way to the marketplace, curtailing lifespans. Today, millions of people are walking around with dental fillings containing 50% mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxic element that is medically admissible in dental practice.  In the future it will be something else.

In every one of these cases, people were led to believe prevailing social customs were safe and acceptable.  To challenge them was considered inconvenient or frowned upon.  To challenge the prevailing wisdom of a dysfunctional power with an authentic fix will be viewed by many as actually immoral and perverse.  However, if you are wiser than just 1/3 of the western public, your gift of conventional wisdom is meant to prevail and improve the human condition.

BTC –  There are quite a few really good action alerts worth working on if you’re active.  Here are link to a few I believe will make a difference.

*Stand with BORDC to challenge FBI abuses

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Weigh in your views on privacy and healthcare handling of your records.


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US history of media blackouts during hurricane disasters increase the cause of citizen journalism

BTC- During Hurricane Ike I was threatened with arrest or citation in an attempt to document DHS practices with citizens. My quest was to find out whether they were forced to forgo any rights because they were in the path of a hurricane disaster.   I was specifically concerned about demand for identity articles in order to gain access to the FEMA hurricane relief center in Round Rock, Texas in 2008, what was in or on their bracelets, what was being asked of  citizens, what their movement limitations were (if any) and how they were being treated. Why would I take such a job on myself?

At this time there was a media black out.  So the only media was citizen media.

So there were no reporters present to document anything of the sort.


In 2005, paramilitary police were hired by Louisiana’s governor to “assist” in the Katrina disaster. Shortly following you may have seen videos of citizens who did lose basic rights and suffered damages.
Among those basic rights, was the 1st amendment right to a free press. There was an attempt to gag or censure CNN from continued reporting of the human conditions in New Orleans after Katrina.

Here is a list of articles compiled by citizens about events surrounding Katrina citing witness of expiditious disposal of unknown dead, police brutality, and illegal search and seizure of guns in a very treacherous time.

So here we are, right in the seat of hurricane season. It might be time to review our rights as citizen jounalists, exactly the type who can make a difference.  One of the G-20 videos shot by a bystander, featured in this video, made a difference in prosecuting police brutality towards a student.  So never doubt your improptu role in using those phone cameras and video cams.

Luckily for all of us, you can take this *free* online course offerred by the Cato Institute on how to watch out for yourself and your rights to document events during a situation where police have hand of force.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Noon EST / 11 AM CST/ 9 AM PST 

“Should it be illegal to record the police? Several high-profile cases of police brutality have been exposed by citizens who recorded police actions with cell phones. Yet some state wiretapping laws, written before the age of ubiquitous recording devices, prohibit recording these events and then further criminalize the publication of the recordings on the Internet. Does the First Amendment protect citizen journalism, or do police agents have a right to privacy while performing public duties? Please join us as we discuss this timely and provocative topic.”

He was detained in the hall after asking to see the officers’ ID cards before he left the building. They are required according to their own manual to provide ID upon request, but apparently don’t like to be asked for it. When the supervising officer ordered Bruno to turn around and put his hands behind his back, Bruno instantly turned around and put his hands behind his back with absolutely no resistance.

This story was forwarded to me from Tim Biancalana, musician and friend.  9-11 Truthers have long been in the intelligence crosshairs for questioning the events surrounding the September 11th bombings in America.  Everyone has a post 9-11 story.   Some people got more involved in securing our nation.  Others embarked on a seemingly endless quest to uncover esoteric truth in efforts to mitigate individual accountabilities for the direction our country pursued into the Iraq-Afghanistan oil and drug wars.  

This story is about an activist who may have unwisely provoked criminal justice authorities, but it is also an illustration of our freedom to non-violently and legally challenge authority on the basis of our Bill of Rights.  9-11 Truthers have been labeled, among other things, conspiracy theorists.  Obama appointed Cass Sunstein to put together a task force of special emphasis on those who continually question the government sprawl into fascism and human rights violations with their unproven guesswork.  The point is in asking who makes you more uncomfortable: the hystrionic error prone propagandists or the executive government with a task force employed to silence them as noisy targets with your tax dollars?  You can get annoyed and decide to opt out of only one of the two.

Someone asked me yesterday about my history with 9-11 Truth.  I explained: regardless of whether or not the government was “behind 9-11” – the outcomes for our nation are exactly the same: we subsidize torture, rendition, continuous denial of due process, the subversion of Habeas Corpus and sedition,  human rights violations (including experimentation), pre-emptive war, established exceptionalism as the new standard to conserve the erosions of basic civil rights and civil liberty, bankruptcy, and multinational corporate sociopathy emerging as untouchable power over US and International ethics and rule of law.  All of these things were successively exposed from the populist plumblines surrounding the 9-11 Truth movement.  My other point is if you have the intestinal fortitude to explore dystopian theory, then you might have enough to be a serial resister to totalitarian government. 

I don’t stand with 9-11 Truth because I love their tinfoil hats.  I stand with them for their right to wear a hat which, however flimsy, has the mettle to defy authoritarian conventions established to dominate their right to question criminal acts of governance.   

-Sheila M. Dean

Photo c/o Liberty Underground

BTC – Waking Up Orwell’s shaky yet buoyant history in the world of net-broadcast has begat another episode. This one better than the last – alas horribly late but with great vintage.

As usual, we get the best stuff for show and it is usually oh-so aptly timed. We start with good news report from traveling Libertarian Congressional candidate Philip Berg on his way to the D.C. area. This week’s DIY government segment becomes a challenge to go get your own FOIA dossiers back from the FBI – Thomas Cincotta tells you how.”

As promised, Ed Hasbrouks two-cents to the community of international privacy and security as dispersed at the Protection of Personal Data in Transatlantic Security Cooperation, a public hearing somewhere in Europe. *Big thanks to Brad Jansen for the lead.

BTC – Typically the joy of Thursday mornings comes with the radio magazine piece we do called, Waking Up Orwell. This week’s guest, William Lewis, had piles of documented dirt and background on the American intelligence machinery. His documentaries are intense and informative.

However – the broadcast outputs were mysteriously cut shortly after the intro. Neither myself or William could be heard over The show ran for 60 minutes, but less than 5 minutes were broadcasted live over the internet last Thursday. recently posted 2 pieces on Cass Sunstein declaring open season on “conspiracy theorists” as qualified intelligence targets. This is where it get’s complicated. “Conspiracy” is a government term which is being twisted to sonoymously dispose of another word – dissent.
Think for yourself.
The U.S. government’s universal targeting on dissent comes down to documenting their wrongdoings. For example, a Philadelphia reporter was arrested for photographing a GITMO protest and charged with “criminal conspiracy”. Her photos were confiscated. Here’s the good news – the charges were proven to be bogus and they were dropped. However “conspiracy” is now being redefined with treasonous meaning against The Establishment.
Below is the rest of the show after we aired a short clip from an interview with Aaron Russo. I’ll be the first to admit, if the government wants me to stop doing something that isn’t illegal and is in the range of my Bill of Rights – I’m going to test it.
William Lewis, whose mic is routinely cut during interviews to promote his films, didn’t tell me that he was doing his own recording of the program. This episode will go down in Waking Up Orwell’s history as sort of a media actvism bootleg.
WAKING UP ORWELL featuring Filmaker William Lewis
The reasons why my mic was cut are currently ascribed to “technical glitches” on behalf of We sincerely hope that is all that it was.