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Blog opts to continue as darker, more expansive dystopian news foray, Waking Up Orwell

BTC –  New media developments continue outside of   Plans to merge breaking news of national identity found on will soon become part of another blog, Waking Up Orwell. Waking Up Orwell will continue to cover a wider variety of blog topics such as: corporate and government privacy violations, police brutality, surveillance abuses and national-to-international cybersecurity power grabs.  The transition is an attempt to keep the news direction relevant with or without a national identity angle.

“There’s too much going on in the world.  BeatTheChip started as a narrow focused blog exclusively featuring news about Real ID and national identity developments.  Over three years, it’s run over the scope; becoming more of a digital privacy and civil rights/civil liberties blog,” said the site’s main blogger, Sheila Dean.

Waking Up Orwell (WUO) was originally produced as a radio program covering a broader range of dystopian news originating from BeatTheChip.  WUO will continue as a multimedia focal point for a variety of coverage, including netcast productions and original writing.   WUO’s radio production is rumored to resume in March of 2011 to the dismay of competition and Facebook.

“Yes, the one man show is getting the band back together,”said Dean who has endured censorship, online network hacks, treacherous hipster politics of community radio and the overarching news egos of broadcasting fat men to produce the program in the past.

Overall, the blog exhibits ambition to set about a more rounded news making standard for online users. Economic performance is grounding prospects for the new media launch.  WUO hopes to stay the course by monetizing the blog and program indefinitely.    However, safety nets are in place for  economic or programming woes.

“If things get bad, I’ll just have to move back in with,” said Dean.

For now twitter news feeds @BeatTheChip are now available at Waking Up Orwell Daily on

US history of media blackouts during hurricane disasters increase the cause of citizen journalism

BTC- During Hurricane Ike I was threatened with arrest or citation in an attempt to document DHS practices with citizens. My quest was to find out whether they were forced to forgo any rights because they were in the path of a hurricane disaster.   I was specifically concerned about demand for identity articles in order to gain access to the FEMA hurricane relief center in Round Rock, Texas in 2008, what was in or on their bracelets, what was being asked of  citizens, what their movement limitations were (if any) and how they were being treated. Why would I take such a job on myself?

At this time there was a media black out.  So the only media was citizen media.

So there were no reporters present to document anything of the sort.


In 2005, paramilitary police were hired by Louisiana’s governor to “assist” in the Katrina disaster. Shortly following you may have seen videos of citizens who did lose basic rights and suffered damages.
Among those basic rights, was the 1st amendment right to a free press. There was an attempt to gag or censure CNN from continued reporting of the human conditions in New Orleans after Katrina.

Here is a list of articles compiled by citizens about events surrounding Katrina citing witness of expiditious disposal of unknown dead, police brutality, and illegal search and seizure of guns in a very treacherous time.

So here we are, right in the seat of hurricane season. It might be time to review our rights as citizen jounalists, exactly the type who can make a difference.  One of the G-20 videos shot by a bystander, featured in this video, made a difference in prosecuting police brutality towards a student.  So never doubt your improptu role in using those phone cameras and video cams.

Luckily for all of us, you can take this *free* online course offerred by the Cato Institute on how to watch out for yourself and your rights to document events during a situation where police have hand of force.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Noon EST / 11 AM CST/ 9 AM PST 

“Should it be illegal to record the police? Several high-profile cases of police brutality have been exposed by citizens who recorded police actions with cell phones. Yet some state wiretapping laws, written before the age of ubiquitous recording devices, prohibit recording these events and then further criminalize the publication of the recordings on the Internet. Does the First Amendment protect citizen journalism, or do police agents have a right to privacy while performing public duties? Please join us as we discuss this timely and provocative topic.”

BTC –  This is the first blog post in over 2 weeks. Due to a very unexpected and treacherous downturn in my health I took some time off.  I learned a lot about the endocrine system and the benefits of a very awesome raw food liquid diet.  Exercise and a daily sauna is now becoming part of all of this.

I am very happy to report that progress is being made on Waking Up Orwell. Broadcasts are expected to resume this fall.  Keep checking back for details on that.  Podcasts will still be the first available news from due to resume in the next 2 weeks.  A new website is being worked on exclusively for WUO so more radio affiliates can be involved.  Happy to say, I am still tinkering on the analog technology known as a “book” even as I resume my show.  Renewed vitality helps.

Much good is expected.

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Thanks again for reading Beat The Chip.

Your Wonky Editor,

Sheila Dean

BTC – It’s finally happened.   Beat The Chip cannot possibly contain the news downpour coming from the havoc wreaked by our monster government.  

After doing this blog for over two years, I’ve broken down and decided to introduce another blog.  Godzilla Government is meant for the overflow of news to contain the ongoing political freak fest complete with miserable exploding pundits and the flopping and gasping of politicians in the evaporating shallows and the wreckage of what we get to live with.  Every revolution starts with a song and dance, listen here.

This is all the introduction the overflow blog is going to get.

Welcome to the gate of Godzilla Government.


Got a flair for snooping, investigating and reporting?  Do you have inside information and want to document your findings publicly, while staying private about the surveillance industrial complex?  Do you hate tyrannical monstrous Godzilla sized government with no respect for scared people running around in the streets trying to get through the day?

Good.  We need creative, talented, detail oriented writers who understand the transpartisan news angle in order to get our conservative/liberal good work done.  We need people to donate work.  Let us know if you want a tax write-off for the work you do donate or if you’re just a good spirited volunteer who wants a quality social justice piece placed on our blog.

All volunteer writers for BeatTheChip should apply via the grassrooted parent organization, The 5-11 Campaign.