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Many political reformers in todays election climate are reaching for issues they believe will philosophically ally themselves with the people.   For the time being, party politicians adding a 5-11, or an Anti-Real ID issue, to their stump platform are among the Green Party, Ron Paul Republicans and The Libertarian Party. Each has a unique approach to representing the public on this issue.

In Texas, the Green Party voted on Saturday, June 14th to add a 5-11 “stump” to represent any Texan wanting to take a stand against Real ID’s while voting for their party.  It didn’t make it to the official stage for a vote, but it was handed off for approval in an amendment platform for latecomers.
While Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign ended, a chasm as large as the Grand Canyon is felt between Paul’s supporters and McCain’s kind of Republicans.  Many Ron Paul Republicans (some actually registered Libertarians) are at odds with many of the positions of Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee, Bob Barr. 

RON PAUL: “We must stop the move toward a national ID card system. All states are preparing to issue new driver’s licenses embedded with “standard identifier” data – a national ID.  A national ID with new tracking technologies means we are heading into an Orwellian world of no privacy.  I voted against the Real ID Act in March of 2005.” 
BOB BARR: “Big Government advocates are personified by the current Bush administration, favoring central control of virtually every facet of activity in our society, from education to transportation and from the plumbing in our bathrooms to the bulbs in our lamps.  While the Real ID debate shares some elements with its sister debate concerning voter ID, mixing the two as if the two sides of the same coin dilutes the host of fundamental concerns and responsibilities affected by the Real ID Act program now being forced down the throats of the states.
BTC Commentary:  Ron Paul clearly dictates a descriptive plan of action – the other clearly gives an editorial of what the state of affairs is with no concrete position or plan of action.  This leaves Ron Paul Republicans and Libertarians in a valley of indecision, now that Paul’s campaign has ended.
BeatTheChip contacted Bob Barr’s campaign about such a plan of action, due to the known uproar amid party members caused by Barr’s nomination as the Libertarian general election Presidential candidate. While local chairs were apologetic, offering a concrete point plan of representation on Real ID, Barr’s campaign offered a publicist with more of the same Op-Ed approach to action. She has not gotten back to us yet.
If that is any interpretation of what is ahead, Bob Barr will expound on the Libertarian complaint responding with press engagement, lack of action and even less supportive voting records.  
In essence, unless we report otherwise, Bob Barr has no real plan to deal with Real ID’s – stopping them or to “Barr” spending with States.   
Please keep checking back for position reports from other party politicians willing to make government move against Real IDs.