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c/o Forbes

“If you are a member of CBP’s Global Entry, Nexus or Sentri Trusted Traveler programs, you may be able to access certain dedicated screening lanes. In conjunction with this service, CBP is installing Global Entry kiosks at certain Canadian airports where travelers are pre-cleared to enter the U.S. so they do not have to go through immigration or customs at a U.S. port of entry. Kiosks are, or will be installed at Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto by the end of this month although when I was in Montreal last week CBP knew nothing about the program. 

CBP will be issuing members of the Global Entry program a Sentri RFID card for a $15 processing fee. Sentri is currently being used at the Otay Mesa, San Ysidro, and Calexico border crossings in California and the El Paso (Stanton Street Bridge) crossing in Texas.”



“The top contactless applications during the next five years are projected to be bank cards, government and healthcare ID cards, transportation and physical access cards. These four applications are projected to account for around 99% of units shipped in 2016.”


BTC — Maine has tread a rocky road to success and compromise towards resolving Real ID compliance and State boundaries. Rep. Ben Chipman, a freshman elected on an Independent ticket, used Maine’s legislative history and his experience on a local People’s Veto initiative to gain support and sponsorship for An Act To Protect the Privacy of Maine Residents under the Driver’s license Laws [LD-1068]. The bill has been recently re-worked to include an Amendment; which united partisan interests and gained a nod from the Governor.

Rep. Chipman discusses the bill, the Amendment, the legislative priorities for LD-1068 and Maine’s conflicted history with Real ID.

Security concerns for IDs with microchips New ‘Ready Lanes’ incentive for border crossers

c/o El Paso Times

It’s been a week since the launch of the “Ready Lane” pilot program, an experiment to expedite traffic at the Ysleta-Zaragosa International Bridge.

The special lanes are for drivers whose travel documents come equipped with high-tech Radio Frequency Identification chips.

So far, border officials are pleased with the results. They say around 30 percent of the vehicles that cross the bridge every day now use the two reserved lanes.

“I do believe this is the way of the future,” said William Molaski, Customs and Border Protection port director in El Paso.

In a way, the “Ready Lane” program is an incentive for people to update their travel documents and comply with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, a federal mandate to strengthen border security and expedite international travel by standardizing authorized documents.

But as the U.S. government pushes for wider adoption of the new RFID-enabled documents, privacy advocates and computer security experts remain uneasy about the technology.

“The problem with RFID is that it can be queried surreptitiously without your consent. That’s the basic problem,” said Bruce Schneier, a computer security expert that has researched RFID vulnerabilities. “I think (RFID-equipped documents) are a bad idea, but nobody asked me.”



Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative compliance under scrutiny by Real ID lobbyist, Janice Kephart

BTC -Real ID is going forward this Winter via Secure Flight.  There.  I said it.

“The TSA, which is implementing the next phase of its Secure Flight Program on Monday, will require that all passengers provide their full names as they appear on a current government photo ID, their date of birth and their gender.”

And to reinforce this message, the public is now getting glazed in anxiety, erhh, terror.  It’s so easy. We fall into predictable ruts of listening to 15% of the correct story.  What am I talking about?  Secure Flight is guaranteed exploding drama uttered from the sweaty fat guy who routinely waterboards the facts in FM spittle and throws them into solitary confinement where no one can get to them, because it’s a “national defense” problem.  DON’T YOU BELIEVE IN DEFENDING, AMERICA?  DON’T YOU?!

So what really happened?

Federal grants from DHS to go along with federal benchmarks for the national identity program were way too tempting in a stuck economy to the airports and local governments. Real ID regulations became increasingly anchored through the tacit web of bureaucracy. Alas – here we are.

The short story: The activists didn’t report to work because there was no income to sustain them. The public got distracted with elections, flaming immigration and paralysis of analysis. The think tanks, the advocates, the lawyers and civil libertarians were talked into leaving Real ID for dead; while lunging against perils of biometric ID cards heaved on the tenuously employed and cybersecurity power grabs.

Where do we go from here?  Well – We The People, pledge the survival of Numero Uno.

It’s the weirdest logic ever when I look around at a sea of grass rooted in political upset, fiscal depression and insulted intellect to been told, there is no grassroots movement against national ID cards. That is exactly the kind of Jedi mind trick that is falling pancake flat on the campaign trail.

If I were presumptive government, regardless of party – I would still fear the base.   When you have people who don’t have anything left and are left with nothing to lose – get ready for revolution.  I mean the “I don’t fear your jails” kind of revolution.

I begin to wonder what a truly privatized American facist society would look like.  I think the next step in the tour of the absurd should include an infomercial sponsored by The New American Closed Society.

“And for 12 mandatory installments of $19.99 you get the benefits of safety and job security against Mexico’s terrorists by building America’s Largest Southern fence! But wait! That’s not all, if you lay down and express exactly no resistance to this tax expense plan you get, at no additonal costs:  a predator drone, a personal security contractor to check on you whether you need him to or not, and a splendid catalogue of high tech secured identity cards- just like the CIA and other top secret officials!  This goes for health, banking, shopping– and uh-oh! Yes, when you have to make a pit stop to visit any federal building in America.

One of our customer specialists will take your fingerprints, DNA, RNA from hair, urine, saliva, health records, to your driving records, bank records, shopping records and anything else you need to streamline the permission process for daily living in the safest, securest America yet!  And it’s all because of you!  Thanks, America.”


Don’t agree to go along with this.  Don’t agree to pay for it.  Find alternatives to enduring Americas emergent gestapo, the government entitled contractor class, by using alternate transport.  Boycott the airlines this Winter.   Leave the TSA with no one to defend or protect so they can pack up their X-Ray machines and sell them to China. Their people don’t mind as much.


The BostONEcard – c/o The Boston Globe

“City officials plan to launch a pilot program today to make it easier for some public school students to use city services by providing them with one card they can use to ride the MBTA, withdraw books from city libraries, play sports, attend after-school programs at community.

This program is starting at the Josiah Quincy Upper School in Chinatown, where all 530 students in grades 6 through 12 are being provided a card, which has multiple barcodes, a radio frequency device to use on the T, and their photos. ” 

GOOD NEWS: Aussie School kids “gummi” the biometric system 

Here is second life for news that matters:

By now everyone, should have heard about the use of RFID in school clothing. It looks as if building ducts could be adding to the lists of unintended consequences towards surveillance advantage.

The perception out there is that Florida has a tendency to lay down and take whatever the surveillance or police state dishes out.  But then you see the outrage:

I was in utter shock I finally at my wits end on how difficult it was to just renew my drivers license! So I said; “I can’t believe this, Here I have all kinds of proof of who I am and I can’t get my license renewed!” I did not shout this, but my voice was raised a bit in utter shock over this whole insane situation! Then what topped it off is the other woman working next to her asked; “Do you NEED ASSISTANCE over there?” It was said as a threat to me!!!!! That did it, I said; “Just Screw Driving, I have had it!” She kept typing at the computer. I then reigned in my emotions and tightly said: “May I have all my documents please.” She didn’t say anything so again I said “May I have all my documents, Please.” She then told me she was inputting them into the computer so it is there if I come back. She then printed off a sheet and handed me everything and I left.

I was so upset and in total disbelief on how hard it was to get a stupid license renewed when if I did not have the CDL on there to begin with I could have renewed ONLINE without a shred of evidence of who I was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The letter below has been sent to ALL Florida Representatives and Senators! When will you say enough is enough? I have and will no longer play the political 2 party game! I’m Done With IT! The email addresses to all Florida Legislators are posted below the letter. A link to the Florida Against the Real ID Act site is at the very bottom.

 It is important to note whenever Floridians get up the gall to reverse the tides concerning liberty.

WORTH THE FIGHT:  The FTC is looking into a law to prohibit online tracking.

MORE ICAO POLICY LAUNDERING: DHS has gone international in their disregard for privacy as a human right. c/o Papers Please 

PUBLIC INPUT:  EPIC wants to document your experiences and stories with TSA’s “adult” body scanners. c/o Loss of Privacy  

EPIC’s is also doing more to root out the truth on what’s going on with that Google/NSA partnership. That part about Google makes me feel unlucky today.

Don’t you think you’ll need it after reading this?

WIRED slide:

National ID bashing with Cato’s Jim Harper 
from Cato@Liberty

Across the country, state legislatures have objected to, and outright rejected, the national ID and surveillance mandate imposed on them by the REAL ID Act. Passed in May 2005 with a compliance deadline three years later, the law has never been implemented. The Department of Homeland Security has repeatedly threatened to deny air travel to people from the states refusing compliance, then backed down when states have not caved to its demands.

But state legislatures are one thing. State-level bureaucrats are quite another. And they are hedgehogging along, positioning their states to implement the national ID law.

Writes Alan Greenblatt in State Legislatures magazine:

In a number of states, motor vehicle departments are doing the behind-the-scenes work necessary to move closer to compliance, including updating computer systems, installing face-recognition software and setting up more secure card production rooms. . . . [E]very state is moving toward compliance. Even in the 14 states where legislatures have explicitly rejected REAL ID through laws or resolutions, some moves have been made in the direction of compliance.

Politicians come and go, but the bureaucrats are in it for life. And they can grow their portfolio by building a national ID.