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BTC – I’ve heard the “brain chipping” idea being flung around but not in context of what I know to exist in law. For now a brain chip would be voluntary – unless you’re military.

Some believe that everyone has technological “implants”. I write because I don’t necessarily know what to believe, but the burden of truth persists. When you look around online to research human microchip implants you find a lot of technology is now available to make it happen.

Apparently, Intel has created a convenience based technology where you can be deeply connected to your computer.

Intel believes its customers would be willing to have a implanted in their brains so they could operate computers without the need for a keyboard or mouse using thoughts alone. The could also be used to operate devices such as cell phones, TVs and DVDs.

Living in the Bay Area now I’m hearing the stranger experiences and claims about chipping. Some might include activist targets who have successfully deactivated chips.

In order for that to happen, there must have bee a congnition process which included the following:

1) The person somehow diagonosed or informed they were involuntarily chipped.

2) The person would have had to do some ground work in research to find a way to treat themselves in the event of an implant.

3) They found a way to remove or deactivate the internal chips.

Now – as you can tell unless there is something solid or concrete about this that you can feel with your hands or perceive in a forthwith way, it deserves to be unbelieveable.

However – the experiences themselves are irrefutable. People can lie or dispense untruths but if they claim experience or perception it does in fact exist if only in their mind.

So I encourage the gates to open for those who have experiences ONLY having had their implants removed. Send stories & contact to: