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Special Comment from BTC editor, Sheila Dean,

Over the course of the summer, everyone’s life has been touched by an embittering battle over our nations prospects for healthcare. Political reform is never easy. Many have attempted to recruit my judgements about the healthcare debate. We have sensitively and accurately stayed far from the healthcare debate so as not to impugn the Real ID debate with the political entrapments of this issue. Trusted friends in the media, Republican & Democrat have gone out of their way to get our validation with no success of extracting comment.
The decline and fall of the Real ID Act is considered a landmark success for those who needed the 10th Amendment to repudiate a run on privacy and identity. States assertion of personal boundaries to the federal government provided relief to frightened citizens facing the overwhelming compromises Real ID regulations would demand on them. Real ID regulations are insidiously dangerous to citizens. No matter how fast and vigorously Rep. James Sensenbrenner jumps up and down waving his copy of the 9-11 Commission Report recommendations; it won’t stop a cloning hacker or greedy marketing aggregates from skimming an EDL card containing intimate information about us, unless we stop ourselves from getting the card. Sensenbrenner won’t be there to pick up the pieces of your life after it happens either.
Those who can endure our silence on this issue for the purposes of staying the committed course against national identity, should continue to do so. For now, observe the golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated.
Our friends and family need our moral and ethical support to stay well and to pursue their personal journeys with vitality. Wellness is a huge part of judgements we make daily in the most intimate parts of our lives. Health does in fact touch identity. Which is why it has been so extremely difficult to stay neutral on an issue that is very unfortunately political.
Americans are open to moderate healthcare options.
What people are sick of are unfunded mandates which require excessive prying into their lives. People are afraid. They want to manage their lives independently and with dignity. They comprehend the loss of their freedoms and are overtired with surveillance agendas, expansions on the Patriot Act and our old nemesis, The Real ID Act.
Let’s focus on a breakthrough for humanity where health coverage does not cost persons their rights, their life or life savings. If the focus of national health does not discourage prosperity, you may achieve the historical landmark for healthcare.
For now, I applaud the courage of our President, Barack Obama, who endeavors a great service to the American people by broaching this excruciatingly difficult and historic debate to provide a public option of healthcare. I also applaud all Congressional leaders brave enough to speak their truths about nuances of health care reform.
We point to the wisdom of the founding fathers and guidance of the 4th Amendment as an arc of light to create the tamper-proof clarity for our concerns. You shouldn’t have to choose between the Constitution and healthcare. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

TSA announces biometric security for airline crews
c/o Security Document World

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has announced the next phase in its CrewPASS program, paving the way for nationwide expansion. CrewPASS is an initiative that verifies flight crew identity through biometrics, enhancing security and expediting the screening process. :::MORE HERE:::

Security & Prosperity Partnership Update c/o CNN’s Lou Dobbs

BTC – Say what you want about Dobbs, I don’t love his stuff but at least he will actually report on the SPP. Unfortunately, that makes it a “right wing” issue. Left ended folks can’t possibly have an opinion about the SPP and the dissolution of our currency, federal trade affairs and the national defecit, right? Let’s not insult each other’s intellects.

For others this is a sign to procrastinate immigration reform, until 2010.

AND last but definintely not least is the UK surveiallance society, which just loves to watch their citizens in a fishbowl. Now everyone can share the celebrity treatment as 1 in 78 citizens are survilled every day. The UK actually outranks Red China for the amount of CCTV cameras to monitor daily living. I think the British government is scared out of its wits. There’s no sane reason to distrust a nations people unless you fear THAT much retaliation.

Finally, Campaign for Liberty and the 10th Amendment Center have decided to start singing that old Anti-Real ID song now that the Senate has left for recess. Great work guys. Why don’t you guys get out of the politcial theater business and demand a sendover of populist communication when someone other than 22 year old staffers can “field the concerns” about this issue and do something about it? I’m not interested in whatever else is on your political plate. Like Obama, you guys conveniently kicked the can down the road and look the other way when your own state lawmakers call Real ID “immigration”. The nation deserves better than to chase the slop you throw out when you “think” the masses can handle it. Don’t insult anyone else by declaring this a right-wing issue. Real ID won’t discriminate in political values as to who gets one of the government surveilled identity cards. WAKE UP!! I signed your document, because I hate Real ID, not because you guys are effective.