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BTC Commentary

Has anyone seen special effects in science fiction films or video games where a huge boss-monster is exploded into parts and then the parts regain their life and keep moving around, wreaking havoc?

Real ID as a boss-monster of sorts has exploded into many different “parts”, such as:
  • Passport cards
  • Speedpass Border Cards
  • Transport Worker Identification Credential Cards
  • Enhanced Driver’s Licenses meant for “alien migrant workers”
And now, The Tribal ID Card , U.S. leaders gotta get the Native American government compliant with the rest of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) Program.
CLUE: WHTI’s modus operandi is to get everyone on some sort of quantifiable electronic grid system.
Now – between you and me and the mosquito on the wall, I really don’t think most Native American’s are too essentially hip to the electronic grid system as part of the res.  Casino Natives now empowered by independent wealth are more like Libertarians in that they want LESS governing intrusion from the “white folks”.  They do not envy urbanites like you may think they do.  
So this brings us back to square one.  Who are the people who want us on the electronic grid system?  Well… you may start with the Council on Foreign Relations and count backwards until you arrive at the United States birthplace conclusion:  socialism run by a select few elites doesn’t work in America.   No matter how bad they want it.
The Natives are really sensitive to how this all works.  We should get out of their way and leave them alone.  I think we’ve honestly done enough.  They don’t need a special card from the United States government to tell us who they are.  
I think they’re going to tell the U.S. government what to do with their ID cards, not the other way around.