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It’s been a hard week for identity in Texas.

For more of my libertarian readers, we don’t want or need more governed identity. So for all my liberal homies, my civil libertarians, my brown people, my grandmas and grandpas with no birth certificate, I’m drinking one for you. Because the likelihood that ID is required to vote makes voting now a suspicious activity where they need to know who you are.

Thank you Kirk Watson; you absolutely suck for attempting to hitch Real ID to this to get the GOP to kill it. May you never sleep again for all the babies you eat in your basement. You are not a good guy.

And here’s the bad news:

Texas Senate Passes Voter ID

c/o NorthTexas E- News

Austin – The Texas Senate gave final approval to Senate Bill 362 Joint-Authored by State Senator Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls) to require voters to present proof of their identity when casting ballots during Early Voting or on Election Day.

“Voter ID is an important step toward preventing voter fraud,” said Estes. “Voter fraud is a very real threat to the legitimacy of our electoral system, and in a close election could very well compromise the results of what voters would rightly expect to be a fair and honest election.”

Meh, it could be worse, right? Yeah… and it is.

In the last to know stack was, Yours Truly, who found out about HB 4036 filed by Texas House Public Safety Chairman, Tommy Merritt, among 4,244 bills filed in the House and 2,203 bills filed in the Senate by 3/13 last Friday. Merritt’s staffers had good manners and were very efficient in explaining to me why the Chairman would not be able to author legislation against or opposed to the Real ID. It was simply becuase he had signed on to represent the wishes of DPS baddies who wanted the federal cheddar – possibly even more than he did by filing their bill in favor of the federal ID. We understand. It’s not personal. DPS can’t let a thing like the Constitution and the 10th Amendment get in the way of servicing the Gods of globalized business, especially when the withdrawls are so painful.

Which inspires me to create a very large pacifier made from chedda(R) endorsed by WIC programs and drop it right on their big fat Republican doorstep. WAY TO GO MEN – YOU ARE ROCKING THE BASE BIG GOVERNMENT STYLE. Hope you get a love note from Janet N. & Obama – BECAUSE WE THINK YOU SUCK!!!