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BTC EXCLUSIVE- Barcodes, microchip nano-implants, and RFID embedded licenses containing DNA laminates don’t discriminate based on race, creed, religion, background or political efficacy.

Some of the most dedicated and vocal opponents of Real ID are right wing liberty minded Republicans, minarchists, 9-11 Truth subscribers and Alex Jones fans who listen to survivalist advertising for precious metals and solar generators. Caucasian christian republicans are not the only ones who will inherit the “mark of the beast”. Real ID is dangerous to all Americans. Whether their favorite politicians are championing that fact or not is important.

CHANGE is becoming unbelievable as Obama assumes more of the Bush positions every day on privacy and domestic intelligence efforts by climbing into the Internet. With Democrats dominating essentially every branch of the U.S. government, their representation on this issue becomes a focal point for anyone with federal legislative agendas.

We put in a call to the social conscience of the Anti- War movement, author, peace mom and celebrated activist Cindy Sheehan to compare notes on diversity as to who will be affected by a future with a Real ID compliant license and subsequent immigration policies overextended.

Cindy represents the survivors of an American war whose death and destruction has no bottom. Those who return from Iraq and the Iraqi nation itself struggle for misunderstanding.

Today I met Tony; a homeless veteran of the Iraq war who had problems holding down a job because of PTSD. He didn’t know the local Iraq Veterans Against the War, but he knew who Cindy Sheehan was.

Thankfully, we were welcomed onto the program to discuss more about Real ID, provide solutions and information for agendas and progress in todays federal forum.

Please listen to Cindy’s next program on Cindy Sheehans Soapboax on demand.