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BTC –CNET’s Declan McCullagh and Elinor Mills discuss breaking news filtering out from annual federal-private hacker conferences Defcon & Black Hat. The Reporter’s Roundtable converges about Operation Shady Rat, private robotic drones, the relevance of Smart Meters, facebook’s facial recognition technology risks in social networking and how Apple batteries and medical insulin implants can be hacked.

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Ok.. It looks like the list of things to do if you’re an anti-REAL ID activist is to find out which tech companies are wooing your states DMV. You have to know your Who’s Who in Department of Motor Vehicles and you need to find out who is delivering the deadline for compliance and implementation. You may have as soon as mid-month to get an extension for your state to find funding for the federal mandate. You may have until March 31, ’08. To make thing’s somewhat easier has a state information map that posts updates on what your state is planning to do with your tax money.

It’s time to ask the questions: “How does the government expect us to pay for all of this and who is getting our money?”