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“Ideally, when you walk down a hallway, no matter where your head is looking, the device can grab your eyeball and detect what it needs to,” Christensen said. And where possible security and defense applications are concerned? “You can let your imagination fly with that one.”

BTC – True to SciFi scale,  a modern play of “everyman” includes iris based surveillance and identity capture.  WIRED reports that DARPA tech engineers are on the make with new behavior surveillance cameras targeting pedestrian iris biometrics called Panoptes.  

And with this latest development, Christensen also sees widespread civilian application, as part of “the cell phone of the future.” He’d like to see the camera-projection device incorporated into phones, and says they’d be able to photograph the page of a book “down to the smallest lettering,” or detect counterfeit cash by “picking up the texture of a $20 bill.”

Pre-cognitive sensitives in the UK and makers of Wild Eyes contact lenses saw this coming ahead of time and managed to develop silver mirrored contact lenses which at least appears to foil the intrusions. It’s only one expression of resistance, the other comes from limiting what the government will endorse based on arbitrary calls for national security.

Whatever – you can always wear aviator mirrored sunglasses when you’re out.  You may look like you’re trying too hard, but who can fault you when surveillance hawks may want your eyes?