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At around noon on July 5, EST, a phone call, from a verifiable source, was received by a member of former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s camp indicating that the American prisoners in Israel have been moved to a detainment facility closer to the Ben Gurion Airport.

McKinney’s imprisonment has shed additional light upon the plight of Gaza – which is one of two possible results of her trip – the other one being that supplies and a little joy for the children might have actually been delivered. 

Either way, it’s a step toward healing Gaza. And the Palestinians, observing the commitment of the humanitarians to delivering aid, see that some of the world cares.::MORE HERE::

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Israel on Wednesday reportedly sent home two of the 21 people taken aboard a ship that attempted to break through a blockade and deliver supplies to Gaza.

Authorities released an American filmmaker and a Danish human rights activist, according to, the web site of the Free Gaza Movement, which organized the voyage opposing the blockade.

The other passengers remain in Israeli custody, among them former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and 1977 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Mairead Maguire, who co-founded a group that worked for peace in Northern Ireland.

It is the second time that McKinney, a former Green Party candidate for president who twice served in the U.S. House of Representatives, has been aboard a ship that encountered Israeli forces while trying to reach Gaza.

An Israeli naval vessel and a small boat carrying supplies for the Free Gaza Movement collided last December.

Activists vowed Wednesday to continue to defy the blockade around Gaza.

“We are definitely going to go [back] even if we have to paddle across,” Greta Berlin, a Free Gaza Movement spokeswoman, told reporters in Cyprus.

On Wednesday, groups including the Green Party and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, as well as users of social networking tools like Twitter urged the Obama administration and the State Department to press Israel to release the detained passengers.

Spokesman Darby Holladay said the U.S. embassy has been in touch with Israeli authorities. “We understand that the passengers are safe and accounted for,” he said.

Israeli naval forces on Tuesday intercepted the Greek-registered Arion in the Mediterranean Sea 23 miles off the Gaza coast.

The Free Gaza Movement contends the ship was carrying humanitarian aid. The organization had renamed the ship Spirit of Humanity and refers to it by that name on its web site.

Gaza has been under Israeli blockade since 2007, when Hamas gained control of the government. The Free Gaza Movement has breached the blockade five times since August 2008.

Israeli diplomatic officials said the ship was rerouted to the port of Ashdod. Its cargo was to be delivered to Gaza by road after a security inspection.

Material from Reuters is included in this report.

” I would take immediate steps to repeal 

the Real ID Act once elected.”
– Cynthia McKinney
BTC – Exclusive
As debates heat up for the final Presidential selection, the most controversial issue of Real IDs keeps bobbing up from the mire. The heated struggle between citizens, state’s rights against federal mandates and the protection of the U.S. identity continues to be an issue.
Many of you may have read BTC’s previous President Select post featuring Cynthia McKinney.

During this crucial time for voters, the only rule is to vote the issues and to find the candidate that will support your views on the issues.

We asked Cynthia McKinney some important questions that are being pushed aside by John McCain and Barak Obama.

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BTC: Civil liberties violations are a huge complaint with voters. What is  your plan to restore Constitutional balances damaged by legislation like The Patriot Act and The Real ID Act?

Cynthia McKinney : If elected to office I would take immediate steps to repeal The Real ID Act, the Patriot Act, the Secret Evidence Act, the Military Commissions Act, and all other pieces of legislation that are an affront to our bill of rights.  In addition, I would use my executive power to void a great many of the ‘signing statements’ and authoritarian Executive Orders that have concentrated far too much power in the hands of the president. It is imperative to return POWER TO THE PEOPLE, which is my campaign theme. I would make public these power grabs and explain why a real democracy is incompatible with a ‘unitary executive,’ the Bush/Cheney philosophy.

BTC: Do you have a plan to address DHS’s role in The Real ID Act a power acting independently of the vote of the people? Such case would be the waiver of 36 federal laws based on Section 102 C of the Real ID Act to expedite the construction of the Border Wall fence. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case from The Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife.

Cynthia McKinney: The border fence is a wasteful militarized approach to the issue of immigration. It’s not the immigrants who are ‘illegal’; what is illegal is the way U.S. economic policies treat workers in this country and throughout the world.  Thousands who have been funneled into hostile terrain by the fence have perished in the past decade.  I agree with the groups who initiated the lawsuit that Congress should not have delegated the power to waive federal, state and local laws regarding the construction of the fence to the Department of Homeland Security.  

I would promote international economic policies that would seek to rapidly build up the economies of neighbor nations to our south so that people can voluntarily return home to their families with viable employment and adequate and affordable food production. Then we would see a large migration southward as people rejoin their families from Mexico to Panama. To replace those departing workers, U.S. businesses must significantly raise wages and vastly improve working conditions, especially with regard to health and safety, so that currently unemployed American workers can and will do this needed work.

BTC: How would you address Real Id’s role in the plan for Continuity ofGovernment?
Cynthia McKinney : The Real ID is a step toward implementation of a national ID that can then be expanded during a national emergency. We’ve already seen the violations of civil rights that occur after a disaster. After 9/11, over a thousand people, primarily from Middle Eastern, South Asian, and North African countries, were arrested and detained under harsh conditions without charges and denied access to legal counsel.  During Hurricane Katrina, police fired their guns over the heads of hurricane survivors attempting to cross a bridge to safety in Gretna, Louisiana. By facilitating the establishment of a federal database of personal information with tremendous potential for misuse, the Real ID will further erode our civil liberties. The real ID is the precursor to a police state of the kind described in Orwell’s 1984 and of the nature of state power exercised in Nazi Germany and  the U.S.S.R. It is antithetical to democracy and must be vigorously opposed.

BTC: Do you have anything to add about hitchiking legislation to require citizens possess a Real ID to vote or to accept an employment contract?

Cynthia McKinney : I pledge to fight against such legislation. As a member of Congress I supported legislation to promote voting access and election integrity. I have fought to defend and reauthorize the Voting Rights Act, I have advocated for same-day voter registration, and I have voted in opposition to requiring photo ID for voting in federal elections.

BTC:  How would you address the mandate that taxpayers are obligated to finance Real IDs- how would the McKinney Administration manage the fiscal burdens passed to the states to fulfill the Real ID Act?

Cynthia McKinney: I would take immediate steps to repeal the Real ID Act once elected.

For more information about voting for the McKinney/Clemente please visit : .
Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan along with our preferred Deadline Live! radio maven Jack Blood will be featured speakers at the We The People Festival in Los Angeles.

West Virginia Secretary of State Discriminates Against Cynthia McKinney

BALLOT ACCESS NEWS- This year, the West Virginia Secretary of State ruled that Cynthia McKinney must pay a $2,500 filing fee to be on the general election ballot, even though the Secretary of State is not telling Barack Obama or John McCain that they must pay any fee to be on the November ballot. All three candidates are similarly situated. They are all the presidential nominees of a qualified party in West Virginia. The Mountain Party, which nominated McKinney in West Virginia, is the Green Party affiliate in that state. It has been ballot-qualified since 2000.

The Secretary of State’s rationale is that Barack Obama and John McCain already paid a $2,500 fee to be on the state’s presidential primary ballot (the Mountain Party did not hold a presidential primary) and therefore her ruling is just. However, the presidential primary ballot fee is totally independent of a fee for the general election ballot. This conclusion is buttressed by the fact that in 1976, the Secretary of State did not charge Jimmy Carter the then-fee of $2,000 to be on the November 1976 ballot. Carter did not run in the West Virginia presidential primary, so he never paid any filing fee at all. The only candidates in the Democratic West Virginia primary were Senator Robert Byrd and George Wallace. All the other Democratic presidential contenders stayed out of the West Virginia primary so as not to split the anti-Wallace vote.

Also the West Virginia Secretary of State did not charge a filing fee to Richard Nixon or George McGovern in 1972. Neither of them had run in a West Virginia presidential primary either, so neither of them paid any fee at all, all year long.

UPDATE: Addressing Bob Barr’s offer for Paul to be his running mate.

“Paul has not responded to the request, Davis said. Ike Hall, who coordinated Paul’s campaign in Georgia, called Barr’s invitation “terribly interesting,” but added that Paul made clear he has no intention of running as anything other than a Republican this year.

Hall called Barr’s decision to skip the Paul press conference “unfortunate. What Ron Paul is trying to do is, he’s not endorsing any other person. What he’s endorsing is an idea.”

More on the Third Party effect below:

The Green Party has been in alliance with the Libertarian Party on many issues, including election integrity and ballot access fairness,” McLarty said, adding that Barr “seemed petty and hostile to Cynthia McKinney in particular and the Green Party in general. They all disagree on a number of issues, no doubt about it. But it was the agreement that was important and Bob Barr brushed that aside.”

All four candidates — Barr, McKinney, Baldwin and Nader — apparently signed a statement from Paul pledging their support for limited government, personal liberties, bringing U.S. troops stationed abroad home, and for an investigation into the Federal Reserve.

While Paul ran a distant fourth in the Georgia presidential primary, carrying 2.9 percent of the vote, he has a devoted following and his endorsement has been sought by Barr and by Republican nominee John McCain.

Barr sent Paul a letter Tuesday asking him to be his vice presidential nominee. Barr already has a running mate, Wayne Root of Las Vegas. Root said in the letter he would step aside for Paul.

Paul has not responded to the request, Davis said. Ike Hall, who coordinated Paul’s campaign in Georgia, called Barr’s invitation “terribly interesting,” but added that Paul made clear he has no intention of running as anything other than a Republican this year.

Hall called Barr’s decision to skip the Paul press conference “unfortunate. What Ron Paul is trying to do is, he’s not endorsing any other person. What he’s endorsing is an idea.”

BTC – Special Report

We have been talking with Ms. McKinney who reported recently, most specifically, “I am against Real IDs!”
It’s really too bad we couldn’t hear more on the subject from her. In honor of citizens opposed to Obama, we decided to publish this.
We propose that she is a better alternative for voters who would vote Democratic in the 2008 Presidential election on the platform of civil liberties, global warming, foreign policy and universal healthcare.
Our reasons? The Democrats’ recent voting records on the Patriot Act, FISA, and extending the imbalances of both executive powers and those of appointed officials leave those with privacy and U.S. sovereignty issues out in the cold.
The Green Party’s platform on adding limitations to commercial expansion for the sake of conserving the environment and human posterity is not popular with conservatives. However, it may steer us away from oil dependency. Including the environment in debate conversations are keys to Green Party policy, giving the honest American “a break”, and not insulting our intelligence about the state of domestic affairs or how we arrived at that place.
We now turn to understanding the McKinney campaign and the U.S. struggle to redeem itself from the road to imperialized commercial extremism while trying to balance a rebound for the U.S. Constitution, a corroded infrastructure and a deadbeat economy.
Ms. McKinney is Georgia’s first African American Congresswoman. Her ascension in the Executive chain of command has been frought with ..politics. We, the people who vote, share her contest with random demands on the American identity and our legitimate place in American politics.