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BTC – An international day of protest of news and public affairs handling of the Wikileaks incarcerations (Bradley Manning, Julian Assange) is rumored to take place at US and/or British embassies worldwide tomorrow THURSDAY 12-16-2010.

FAIR news association peition here.

Here is second life for news that matters:

Truthout interview with ANONYMOUS hackers

Celebrity sponsored bailout of Wikileaks Assange

Larry Flynt publishes on the sex lives of dead Presidents

Chairman Paul: “AUDIT THE FED

Partial defunding of the Real ID Act aggravates isolationists who want to market your identity data with as many “immigration” databases as possible.

Ahh-CHOO! *SMART DUST* A double-edged public technology for service or data/identity surveillance.

TRUE: Creepy Huxley driven Patriot app available on iPhones to iSnitch on your neighbor. Bring it with you to Wal-Mart!

GUIDE: How to “fall off the grid”