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“The REAL ID Act mandates using RFID in ID cards that most Americans should carry for domestic airline travel and must carry for international travel. This discussion will examine current RFID technology and security concerns as well as how the RFID technology implemented in REAL ID Act cards and passports may pose privacy and security risks.”

Kansas Priorities Turn to Infrastructure; joins Real ID Discussion 

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“Security identity provider Digimarc has been awarded a six-year contract with Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles to deploy a new driver’s license system that will help the state comply with new Real ID regulations. The company will use the Microsoft .NET version of its driver license issuance solution that will provide “seamless integration” with other state databases and applications.”

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BTC Comment -Students at a Las Vegas Defcon Press Conference were silenced for explaining how to fraudulently reproduce an ID card considered by all accounts to be a secured ID.  We here at BeatTheChip, intuitively know that technophiles will override any government secured technology regardless of cost or effort to prove that they can.  This supports the argument that making State taxpayers pay for a Secured driver’s license will not stop those with real intent of reproducing fraudulent ID’s for profit.    If they don’t have the technology, they’ll build it.   Our pragmatic friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation understand the nature of such things. We think the hundreds of millions to be spent on securing Real ID’s would be better allocated to shoring up the roads, investing in the build of green energy transitions and restoring the U.S. economy.   It’s an alternative to making us pay for the government’s cattle-log checkpoint database to fulfill the Big Brother fantasies held by corporate sociopaths.  Just a thought.
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“It’s not “666,” but it’s close enough to the New Testament’s “mark of the beast,” says a small religious group in West Virginia that won an exemption from the state’s requirement that driver’s license photos be stored in a digital database.”

80 Million Tax dollars is on Digimarc

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More than 58 million has been awarded to support state-specific programs to achieve Real ID material compliance, which involves updating state driver’s license and ID card systems with extra security features.  Funding was also provided for the development and testing of the verification hub, which will enable all states to verify applicant proof-of-identity documents.

Digimarc provides products and services that enable the annual production of more than 60 million personal identification documents, including two-thirds of US driver’s licenses and IDs for more than 25 countries.


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80 million dollars..  I wonder if someone who loves freedom will just buy out Digimarc’s contract, so DHS can go deal with some other issue that directly affects our national security.  That would be, opposed to creating a situation that has the potential to criminalize those without proper  federal IDs.   I know many of  the Free Market minded people have some kind of monetary excesses.  Maybe if we pony up like 120 million collectively and say “DIGIMARC- We’ll pay you NOT to do business with DHS on Real IDs,”  – they may just lose interest in Real ID’s.  I’m not sure what DHS will do if that happens.  You can call your State’s head of Motor Vehicles to find out how much money will be paid from your state to induct you into the New World Order’s cattle-log by simply asking for the amount of money going to Digimarc.  If they are not telling, get someone with a Law Degree to ask your question with an Open Records Request-  the paper sodium penenthol for bureaucrats. We have ways of getting the truth.
This is about money, just like every other aspected pursuit of American “happiness”.     If we don’t want Digimarc doing this – DHS will find some other way.  They will probably outsource the work to somewhere (US  Homeland Security ) for digital securities that require our social security numbers, address, your age,  your gender and other cute things like your hair color, your eye color and a neat 3d  profile of your face. 

No wonder everyone hates us.  Why are we so special?  The street kids in Mumbai don’t get a cool 3D face profile.  What the hell is that about?  Some 15 year old constructing our surveillance chips in a clean room somewhere in Southeast Asia has an exam to prep for. Why the hell are we making his life difficult with Real IDs?  HAVE SOME COMPASSION!

The concern here is that Homeland Security  will cut corners here and behave like any other corporatized element of our government.  If it’s a boring dirt job that can be done without paying an American a living wage, it will be shipped overseas and someone else will be doing it.  It may be too much to ask Homeland Security to do this themselves.   We do in fact know that the technologies used are being constructed and tested in fun places like Pakistan.   Which may eventually mean that your SSN# , address etc will be handled  by some other person in another country for Homeland Security.   In a rational mind, this defeats the purpose of calling it  “homeland security”.  More research is needed on where the inventory of your identity records will land after DHS funnels it through the DMV.  If it’s outside the borders of the US, what is the fundamental drive behind you having this national ID?   Ask now before you surrender the keys to your identity to the DMV.