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“The Transportation Security Administration will honor expired driver’s licenses at the airport but travelers may have to go through some extra screening..”

c/o San Mateo Daily Journal

The Department of Motor Vehicles is suffering a massive backlog in issuing driver’s licenses due to new security features that protect against fraud and counterfeiting.

“We are still looking at six weeks to renew,” DMV spokeswoman Jan Mendoza told the Daily Journal yesterday.

The manufacturer may be having some “growing pains” or “startup issues” related to the high-tech licenses, Mendoza said.

Those who have recently renewed their licenses and have yet to receive them do not have to worry about making alternative travel plans or getting in trouble with law enforcement, for instance.

The Transportation Security Administration will honor expired driver’s licenses at the airport but travelers may have to go through some extra screening, Mendoza said.

Staff in the office of state Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco/San Mateo, are helping residents in both San Francisco and San Mateo counties to secure a 120-day temporary license until the backlog is processed at DMV.



BTC – Florida’s wintery grounds become heated over DMV mishandling of driver information. The West Palm Beach Post reported the DMV had sold license records to 3rd party marketing firms, including some very private information, like Social Security Numbers.  The civil lawsuit is based on violations of a federal driver privacy law.

According to Paul Henry with Floridians Against Real ID, this is the 2nd class action State based lawsuit against the DMV’s mishandling of driver records. The lawsuit is the first of it’s kind since the Florida adopted State laws compliant with the Real ID Act. Privacy and data brokerage concerns have been a strong argument against moving towards centralized ID card systems for Americans.

Mr. Henry updates us on legislative reform towards driver privacy and updates on Florida’s move to nullify the Real ID Act, invoking a classic 10th Amendment move.

“Florida is one of 11 states that embraced the program. Fifteen states in all have adopted REAL ID.”

I-Team: Questions About New National ID Card

The Department of Homeland Security estimates it will eventually cost nearly $10 Billion to implement “REAL ID” nationwide.

The line of private companies lining up to cash in and get some of that public money gets longer all the time.

According to the Senate Office of public records, the numbers of clients lobbying to get business from the US Department of Homeland Security skyrocketed from 15 companies in 2001 to 883 last year (2009).

One of the leading companies that is benefiting from the REAL ID Act is L-1 Identity Solutions, an international created in 2006 by businessman Robert LaPenta, headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.

Business records show that one month after President George W. Bush signed the “REAL ID” Act into law, LaPenta established L-1 Identity Solutions.

According to several annual reports for L-1 Identity Solutions, the company has been immensely successful.

This year, Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicles alone awarded L-1 Solutions a 5 year contract worth $56.9 Million.

A spokesperson for L-1 Solutions told the I-Team that LaPenta had no comment and the company would not talk about its business involving REAL ID.   :::MORE HERE:::

Nice to see that NC is doing all it can to become a police state.  I will spread this story to as many people in NC and encourage them to move out like I did.  Perhaps they can move to TN where there is no state income tax or SC where a person have a religious exemption from having their photos taken.  I have met some of the Amish and will get word to them the old fashioned way and encourage them to move out of NC as well.”  – JP 

c/o JP of NCard 

As a state that employs an over the counter issuance process, Arkansas will produce drivers’ licenses on site at DMV facilities and provide them to applicants on the same day they apply. 3M will provide the necessary tools for DMV sites to complete this procedure, including:

— Enrollment software, for which 3M created an intuitive interface that is simple for state employees to learn and use
— Entitlement software that vets applicants against government databases
— Data capture tools to obtain fingerprints and facial photographs for 1:1 and 1:many identification and verification
— Biographic tools for the applicant’s signature, address and name
— Data capture (applicant’s height, weight, etc.) for personalization of the applicant’s document