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Big WHOOPS to the Dept. of Defense.

Members of a credit union that serves active-duty military personnel and others connected to the Pentagon are at risk for identity theft after a laptop was hacked, exposing the personal and financial records of an undisclosed number of troops and their families. 

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Here’s second life for news that matters.
Late last week privacy law heavyweights released their positions, to “clarify”public interest towards NSTIC.

A window into how D.C. feels about constant demand for SSN# and Drivers Licenses


Why the Internet Is a Great Tool for Totalitarians

No Facebook, You May Not Share My Address and Phone Number With Developers



Minus the Mountain Dew, Skateboards and here’s an update on Wednesday’s “extreme” Fast for Justice c/o Frida Berrigan.  Today is Day 9 of this difficult fast.  

Today was one of extremes. We experienced the extremes of ice skating down the streets of Washington DC and then swimming in the warm oceans of Bermuda. We also actively bridged extremes by interweaving visits to the Pentagon and to the Department of Justice with two different perspectives of the plight of the Uyghur men both held and released from Guantánamo. And at the end of the day, such extremes were summed up for us at Bus Boys and Poets when David Swanson, being interviewed about his new book “War is a Lie,” demystified all the justifications for war. Yes, with such a full day, it is hard to
imagine that we are fasting (and on day 8 at that)!

Or perhaps we are in a funny window of the fast, a practice that does open up to unforeseen extremes, where we seem to have an abundance of energy. As you will see in our open letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and the press release (attached below), we have planned an extended demonstration for Wednesday into Thursday to remind the DoJ that work day hours do not exist for the men detained at Guantánamo.

Our strength most certainly comes from our resolve as a community to open this dialogue with the DoJ, and that such a dialogue will be productive if it is done in the good faith. Fully aware that another risk of arrest and an overnight vigil is a relatively small gesture of effort, we hope that it is adequate and that our modest plea for a meeting will be granted. We will certainly keep you all informed. We ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

In peace and solidarity,

Witness Against Torture


Chertoff boasts, “Among the six of us we pretty much have all of those things in DHS, in DOD, and the Department of Justice, law enforcement, and finally, in the intelligence community. So we have pretty much every element of homeland security covered.”

Former Bush Security Chiefs Find Terrorism Obsession Can Be Profitable

Tom Barry | August 25, 2009

Americas Program, Center for International Policy (CIP)

Contracts with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are spewing billions of dollars into private industry, largely to companies that also rely on Pentagon military contracts. In this new variation of the military-industrial complex a new revolving door is now in full swing.

Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff, the two Republican stalwarts who served as the first two Department of Homeland Security secretaries, are now busy attracting defense, homeland security, and intelligence contracts in the country’s rapidly expanding high-tech security complex.

Tom Ridge, former Pennsylvania governor who was appointed by President Bush to direct the newly created DHS, has parlayed his government service into a lucrative career in business since he stepped down as DHS chief in November 2004. Soon after leaving DHS, Tom Ridge became president and CEO of Ridge Global, a global strategic consulting firm. He also has joined numerous corporate boards and advisory groups, including major military and homeland security contractors. (See Box: Ridge’s Post-DHS Security Businesses).

Chertoff Group Covers Homeland Security

Michael Chertoff, former secretary of the DHS, has taken his portfolio over to the private sector. Homeland security is business—an estimated $200 billion in annual revenues—and the newly formed Chertoff Group is seeking a major stake in this booming industry.

As the latest homeland security consulting firm, Chertoff Group will be competing with two other security companies formed by top Republican Party figures: Ashcroft Group founded by former Attorney General John Ashcroft; and Guiliani Group, formed by former New York City mayor and presidential candidate Rudolf Guiliani. Although not specifically focused on homeland security, Ridge Global, formed by the first DHS secretary Tom Ridge, also has a piece of the expanding global security industry.

Chertoff Group describes itself as “a security and risk management advisory firm that counsels corporate and government clients addressing threats related to terrorism, fraud, cyber security, border protection, and supply chain security.”

The Chertoff Group has a leg up on its competitors. The revolving door between government and industry has brought a half-dozen former high government officials of the Bush administration into the Chertoff Group.

Not only does it count on the political and business connections of Chertoff, the new firm has a roster of five other former government officials that can translate government experience and inside information into lucrative industry contracts.

Chertoff boasts, “Among the six of us we pretty much have all of those things in DHS, in DOD, and the Department of Justice, law enforcement, and finally, in the intelligence community. So we have pretty much every element of homeland security covered.”