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WHEN YOU DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK…kiss your friends goodbye with some Miami basics c/o DJ Ryan Morales. 

ON FILM:  David Bond celebrates UK moments of Liberty and his attempt to erase himself in privacy thriller Erasing David [@32:07]

David Bond producer of the film, Erasing David, speaks with us about the UK’s recent decision to move away from their national identity program and a new direction for their civil liberty.   Bond’s film was 3 years in the making.  His discoveries about commercial possession of his personal identity articles and the use of biometrics in UK school programs clear the fog about the direction the West is headed on public surveillance.

OTHER REFERENCES: UC Berkley and DNA swabbing

Florida finally get’s theirs [@ 1:23:20]

Paul Henry, advocate for Floridians Against Real ID discusses the development of a new lawsuit and his progress in advocacy for the Sunshine State.

a. HR 1268 – 2005 Real ID rider , PDF
b. SB 1992  Florida bill on concerning Real ID :  bill analysis, full text of bill 
c. Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Land and Sea Final Rule 
d. Homeland Security PDF on Enhanced Drivers Licenses , Washington State EDLs

BP, Nazi Nexxuses & Edwin Black’ slick analysis [@01:57:00]

Author of Nazi Nexus, Edwin Black will discuss the BP oil crisis and the balances of ethics and corporate hegemony to wrap up the season.

OTHER REFERENCES:  Austin Regional Intelligence Center,  “all hazards” in City Council and public opinion on aggregation of health records [YouTube@5:22]

DIY Government 

Tell Your Lawmakers: “Anti-Counterfeiting” Treaty Is a Sham

BACON ALERT: Tell Senate NO appropriations for junk border surveillance technologies 

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BTC – One Mainframe to Rule Them All is a 50 minute documentary produced by Greg Nickolettos. The film starts with a monologue from Nazi Nexus author Edwin Black on WWII datalust and IBM. It then swiftly moves to current events surrounding injectible identity from Verichip, a corporation marketing an implanted RFID chip for seemingly pragmatic health care solutions.

The production values are typical of today’s dystopian standards in documentaries. After clearing the fear & exposure peak, we know the final solution is to simply oppose IBM’s persistent role in enumerating the masses as a sifting utility. Mid-way through One Mainframe the corporate transactional info may dull the attention span. This lasts a few moments before the human element comes back to visit. The point of the film is to portray Verichip as a “bad police chief” in a massive and ambitious dirty data handling effort to integrate every conventional identifiable person for a profile.

We never thought of Bill Gates as a “nazi”. However, the thought may scuttle across your mind after watching this.

You may still want to find out what’s out there on file about you anyway via LexusNexus. As it turns out, you can request your Full File Disclosure from ChoicePoint to find out what they know about you for no monetary cost, but it isn’t free – you would need to submit copies of your ID and a utility bill to get that information. All someone has to do is have copies of the same to get your information. So watch your identity articles.