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BTC – We spontaneously witnessed the most amazing anti-surveillance fashion show at art-nerd playground, the San Mateo Maker’s Faire, this weekend.  Women and men transformed the space between two Tesla coils into a catwalk modeling surveillance/anti-serveillance clothing and make-up retailed and sponsored by Noisebridge.  [We expect pictures, video later.]

The surveillance part of the show featured male hackers as on the prowl equipped with special computer belts logging and reading radio frequency outputs from phones, ID cards and unecrypted badges. They were prepared to dodge authorities with digital compasses and a pair of “get smart” shoes doubling as phones.

The anti-surveillance portion of the show focused more on women trying to conceal their identity from anyone from the paparazzi to nosey taggers on Facebook.  Amid wigs, leggins and lab coats were impressively innovative clothing that effectively concealed someone’s look.   While hoodies are popular, you have to have the right one to conceal you from multiple camera angles. Granted, the oversized hoods may get you pegged as Obe Wan Kenobi entering a cantina rather than a hot nightclub.   Try adding a few more accessories and you are on the way to privacy fashion bliss.

For instance, the Grace Kelley rear window shades allow you to see what’s going on behind you while you wear them.  Speaking of behind you, the Crotch Dazzlers, melon colored panties with a mirrored panty liner on the exterior crotch, are designed to blind paparazzi stalking celebrity holy-of-holies.   If you intend to mess up a biometric image capture or are simply expressing creative dissent about surveillance on your face, wear a series of black and white outlined geometric formations across the bridge of your nose and cheekbones.   These accessories and make-up, combined with the hoodie, are a streetwise way of foiling Facebook frenemies who have no idea how much trouble they are getting you into by adding your images to their tag galleries.

An outstanding piece of the show for ingenuity was the very wearable camel colored silk Eurion Constellation dress, depicting an anti-counterfeiting pattern found on currencies in a large embroidered sequins.

Any surveillance concessions? Yes, bring The Montinored Purse with you to TSA screenings and you should sail at slightly quicker pace. While everyone will know you are not a terrorist; they will also know everything inside of your bag.  There are matching shoes displaying videos of your choice to go with them.  Finally, the North Skirt acts as a visual GPS cue to everyone who can see you by displaying the direction you are headed.  There, there.. feel safer, America.