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Rush Limbaugh IS Jabber-the-Hut

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Food.. HAVOC!

ZillaMod –  Rush Limbaugh is a  favorite right wing talk show host – not my favorite – but a national favorite nonetheless.   For this, I’ve decided to add a charicature and likeness for him in my gallery of thoughtless monsters wrecking around like government crackens.  He needed an archetypal face to go along with his gross, overtly racist, sexist and hypocritical nonsense. I wasn’t the first to think of it, but here’s a name to go with the image – Jabber-the-Hut.

Limbaugh: All gross, all the time. Monday-Friday...

Limbaugh says a lot of obnoxious things; which miraculously don’t actually amount to an FCC fine. Lots of broadcast affiliates think racist, chauvinism sprayed by nearly beached male-whales make for completely, employable charming daytime talk.

Conversely, I’m sure there are plenty of responsible women uttering useful solutions based ideas or agendas, like Michelle Obama. I think labeling GMO’s, eating more things grown from the ground, nutritive foods which heal the mind-body so it can actually function better, is wise. Obama is still in fact promoting nutrition which won’t make you grow a tumor or a second foot. That  is a good thing!

However, I don’t exactly agree with Obama’s execution on improving the healthfulness of food options by creating a type of food-health by force. Obama isn’t addressing the deeper issues of kicking Monsanto’s ass and getting RoundUp (a not-so cloaked metaphor for genocide) hitched to some anti-trust legislation in order to protect Americans ability to have more options.  For now, Obama is urging people to eat the “healthier” food trucked into Wal-Marts; which is only slightly more nutritive than whatever gets poisoned by Monsanto.  Most of the food is still clearly addled with pesticides, genetic perversions, all nutrition processed out.

Limbaugh defends and represents the American right to promote death, decay, cloned meat, hardened arteries, cocaine and recreational pharmaceutical drug use (as a social conservative), militarism at the cost of innocent lives, GMO processed fried corn products, and essentially keeping America dialed into a lifestyle which will kill anyone in 5-10 years if you are as committed as Chris Farley was. He is a walking pile of Republican male pain. In fact, if the GOP told him, effective tomorrow, it’s time to endorse the killing and eating of any human being who is poor for bloodsport, with or without law – he would get up, gargle some vodka and then sell it to the rednecks who will sing along to their own death dirge.

Limbaugh recently attacked Mrs. Obama for not being “qualified” to be a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. That’s pigman code for, “I would like to ogle the President’s wife in her undies, but that will never ever happen. So I am going to complain bitterly.”

My turn.

Limbaugh, in promoting his necrotic lifestyle, means to tell the world he can allude to dreams of molesting Sports Illustrated swimsuit models and then merge this delusion with the image of the current President’s wife.

I may not agree with Obama on regulatory policy, healthcare, tax codes… but she is still a woman. My advice to the women of the world is to turn off and tune out all media featuring Jabber-the-Hut .

Need I remind you?  It was in fact Princess Leia who once choked-out Jabba the Hut.  It’s completely warranted at this point to cut off this man’s air supply.  You can urge advertisers who have lots of money stacked up on women to dump him.  You have that option.

We have to look out for one another, afterall.

The Liberty Diet

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Food.. HAVOC!, People Traps

Inspired by headlines like these:

The government can’t regulate their way out of a paper bag these days.  I’m not trusting them with something I can do myself, like, losing weight.

It’s time to try the Liberty Diet.  Also known as the DIY- on your own time, on your own dime- free-market diet.  We’ll flesh out the concept after this brief explanation.

So what do you do when the State decides you are too heavy for your own good or really too heavy for the tax liability of public run healthcare?  If you have been adequately convinced that you are too fat, or if you know you are too fat, you may be considering a decision outside of the realm of the legal role of the State, which is, should I lose the weight?

If you decide to lose weight, it should  be on your terms vs. the terms of some corporatized bureaucrat who actually doesn’t actually care if you live or die.

Let’s put it this way , the FDA and other regulatory agencies will greenlight things that don’t belong anywhere near you for human consumption.  For instance: remember how they managed to greenlight Mercury byproducts to go into millions of people’s teeth as “medicine”?   People you know right now are walking around with teeth filled with a toxin not approved for human consumption.

So that we’ve adequately established the fact that the federal government doesn’t really care about “quality of life”, your should feel freed of any compulsion to go along with the burgeoning federal market for the fat police.

Let’s get past the insult to millions of Americans suffering from hunger and near starvation in this country because they aren’t actually getting enough to eat.  Let’s just go ahead  look at the status of eating disorders ranging from obesity  to anorexia in America for balance.

SEE: Weighty Matters: Communicating Effectively about Weight and Health

Obesity is really an eating disorder which puts it in the range of psychological disorders requiring treatment.   So if someone in our non-discerning government decides you are too fat and checks you off as obese, you may also be simultaneously classified as mentally ill.  If  your employer wants to see a background check of your mental health history, and you consent, they may see that you have a “life long history” of mental illness.  That’s if you have been heavy all your life or a “genetic predisposition” towards mental illness if everyone in your family is heavy and you consulted your doctor about weight loss.   Digital medical records will stick with you even if you are fit, trim and have a completely healthful lifestyle today.  You may lose opportunities in life due to unintended consequences of  being in the “fat class”.

What are eating disorders usually about anyway?  Well, they stem from control issues.  Doesn’t our government have their own control issues?  They want to control things they have no rights to control. Why? Probably because they can’t control themselves or stop themselves from deluded compulsions rooted in basic insecurity. Why are they insecure?  Well they’re really really guilty of doing lots of illegal, immoral, and unethical actions as a legislative voting block and are worried about losing their powerful government jobs as a result.  Vicious cycle.

So here’s what I propose: The Liberty Diet.  The core components of the Liberty Diet require you to be active, cutting spending and waste, and taking personal responsibility for things you actually control.   The point of the diet is to really aim this personal policy back at Washington, showing them you are in control of  what you do with your body, not the government.  It’s not their place since they set a monstrous example (i.e. Godzilla Government).

Most people spend money on things they shouldn’t be eating.  That requires reorganizing your personal budget to include more healthful foods which won’t make you fat and help you manage your weight naturally.  Since lots of Americans are really stressed out about their lives, it’s a realtively low cost way of dealing with anxiety and worry by simply “getting busy”.   In essence, take the second labor intensive job, so you won’t spend your time worrying about money, eating or drinking your woes away.  If money is an issue for some, you may want to try some variation of  the Poverty Diety (a.k.a. the Ramen diet).  Everyone on the Ramen diet is both too busy and too poor to deviate from this diet, so coupled with “busy” exercise they wind up ..well…skinny.  You may not be able to afford beer or alcohol because you’re broke or you need that money for other things like, gasoline or clothes.

More tried and true activity hits are: take the stairs, walk home, ride your bike, play outside, dance to music, run from the debt collector/repo man etc. etc.

If you are doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, you’re not going to be fat.  If you’re overspending, drinking too much, eating out all the time with “friends” you might be on the Washington D.C. diet.    Cook at home; you’re better than that.

From being overworked and too busy, I have already lost 7 pounds on the Liberty diet.

Try it.  You don’t need my permission.  It doesn’t cost you a thing.  That’s really liberating!!