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AUSTIN, TX – Big fat thanks to the Austin Chronicle for posting the following:
TEXANS AGAINST REAL IDs– This gathering of concerned citizens will discuss how best to stop Real ID’s, one of the many ill-conceived riders from the War on Terror legislative blitz of 2005. 7:30pm. Monkey Wrench Books, 110 E. North Loop,  407-MBWK. Free.

SO .. if you connect with words like “social issues”, “green party, “Marxism” or the ACLU or “Progressive democracy” – The Monkey Wrench meeting is calling your name.  From here we will equip you with whatever legislative tools will boost your advocacy against Real ID’s.    Today and tomorrow, the Texas State Democratic convention will be covering all of their reform committee agendas – an anti-Real ID was not on it.

Look for an article in the future from the Lone Star Iconoclast about what the 5-11 Committee is doing.  We are in the midst of organizing a fundraiser. The 5-11 beta version of our website will be live in about 3 days.
It seemed to take forever to get BeatTheChip on the map – but right now the issue is filling in the lines with quality content that will reinforce the best bets for THE KILL OF REAL ID.