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BTC – Think good thoughts.  Summer is almost over and soon it will be time for a new revolution.  This blog goes out to all the kids with runny noses, fat chicks and slaves chained to their desks who never get any playtime.  Listen fast- learn to play anyway because I really don’t think there is an organ donor program for adrenal glands.

The stuff you read on this blog will stress you in new ways and give you new perspectives.  What it won’t do is eat your ice cream for you, play with your kids, take arbitrary fashion tips from drag queens or call your mom.  There is life during and after the disaster of a bully surveillance society.

Pretty posh for post-surveillance functionality, eh?

Here is second life for news that matters:

PUBLIC INPUT: FCC charts cyber security roadmap with public’s help

More Top Secret America on FBI clearances.  Operation Rotten Tomato  & Obama admin digital surveillance grabs

Wireless Cars sensors vulnerable to hackers

Court rejects Warrentless GPS tracking

J. Sanchez get’s after the GPS throes

Privacy baked in from the beginning

Internet worker ungagged

No Naked Scanners for Denver – a bright idea would be to take these machines and enter them into the adult industry where they belong. I’m pretty sure Larry Flynt would get one for a Hustler NSA special issue or something…[TAKE A HINT, LFP!]

LaserCard gets bid for Italian national ID’s

$600M border bill unlikely to spur immigration reform

SIA defends biometrics from Alaskan bill