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” I would take immediate steps to repeal 

the Real ID Act once elected.”
– Cynthia McKinney
BTC – Exclusive
As debates heat up for the final Presidential selection, the most controversial issue of Real IDs keeps bobbing up from the mire. The heated struggle between citizens, state’s rights against federal mandates and the protection of the U.S. identity continues to be an issue.
Many of you may have read BTC’s previous President Select post featuring Cynthia McKinney.

During this crucial time for voters, the only rule is to vote the issues and to find the candidate that will support your views on the issues.

We asked Cynthia McKinney some important questions that are being pushed aside by John McCain and Barak Obama.

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BTC: Civil liberties violations are a huge complaint with voters. What is  your plan to restore Constitutional balances damaged by legislation like The Patriot Act and The Real ID Act?

Cynthia McKinney : If elected to office I would take immediate steps to repeal The Real ID Act, the Patriot Act, the Secret Evidence Act, the Military Commissions Act, and all other pieces of legislation that are an affront to our bill of rights.  In addition, I would use my executive power to void a great many of the ‘signing statements’ and authoritarian Executive Orders that have concentrated far too much power in the hands of the president. It is imperative to return POWER TO THE PEOPLE, which is my campaign theme. I would make public these power grabs and explain why a real democracy is incompatible with a ‘unitary executive,’ the Bush/Cheney philosophy.

BTC: Do you have a plan to address DHS’s role in The Real ID Act a power acting independently of the vote of the people? Such case would be the waiver of 36 federal laws based on Section 102 C of the Real ID Act to expedite the construction of the Border Wall fence. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case from The Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife.

Cynthia McKinney: The border fence is a wasteful militarized approach to the issue of immigration. It’s not the immigrants who are ‘illegal’; what is illegal is the way U.S. economic policies treat workers in this country and throughout the world.  Thousands who have been funneled into hostile terrain by the fence have perished in the past decade.  I agree with the groups who initiated the lawsuit that Congress should not have delegated the power to waive federal, state and local laws regarding the construction of the fence to the Department of Homeland Security.  

I would promote international economic policies that would seek to rapidly build up the economies of neighbor nations to our south so that people can voluntarily return home to their families with viable employment and adequate and affordable food production. Then we would see a large migration southward as people rejoin their families from Mexico to Panama. To replace those departing workers, U.S. businesses must significantly raise wages and vastly improve working conditions, especially with regard to health and safety, so that currently unemployed American workers can and will do this needed work.

BTC: How would you address Real Id’s role in the plan for Continuity ofGovernment?
Cynthia McKinney : The Real ID is a step toward implementation of a national ID that can then be expanded during a national emergency. We’ve already seen the violations of civil rights that occur after a disaster. After 9/11, over a thousand people, primarily from Middle Eastern, South Asian, and North African countries, were arrested and detained under harsh conditions without charges and denied access to legal counsel.  During Hurricane Katrina, police fired their guns over the heads of hurricane survivors attempting to cross a bridge to safety in Gretna, Louisiana. By facilitating the establishment of a federal database of personal information with tremendous potential for misuse, the Real ID will further erode our civil liberties. The real ID is the precursor to a police state of the kind described in Orwell’s 1984 and of the nature of state power exercised in Nazi Germany and  the U.S.S.R. It is antithetical to democracy and must be vigorously opposed.

BTC: Do you have anything to add about hitchiking legislation to require citizens possess a Real ID to vote or to accept an employment contract?

Cynthia McKinney : I pledge to fight against such legislation. As a member of Congress I supported legislation to promote voting access and election integrity. I have fought to defend and reauthorize the Voting Rights Act, I have advocated for same-day voter registration, and I have voted in opposition to requiring photo ID for voting in federal elections.

BTC:  How would you address the mandate that taxpayers are obligated to finance Real IDs- how would the McKinney Administration manage the fiscal burdens passed to the states to fulfill the Real ID Act?

Cynthia McKinney: I would take immediate steps to repeal the Real ID Act once elected.

For more information about voting for the McKinney/Clemente please visit : .
Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan along with our preferred Deadline Live! radio maven Jack Blood will be featured speakers at the We The People Festival in Los Angeles.

BTC – Special Report

We have been talking with Ms. McKinney who reported recently, most specifically, “I am against Real IDs!”
It’s really too bad we couldn’t hear more on the subject from her. In honor of citizens opposed to Obama, we decided to publish this.
We propose that she is a better alternative for voters who would vote Democratic in the 2008 Presidential election on the platform of civil liberties, global warming, foreign policy and universal healthcare.
Our reasons? The Democrats’ recent voting records on the Patriot Act, FISA, and extending the imbalances of both executive powers and those of appointed officials leave those with privacy and U.S. sovereignty issues out in the cold.
The Green Party’s platform on adding limitations to commercial expansion for the sake of conserving the environment and human posterity is not popular with conservatives. However, it may steer us away from oil dependency. Including the environment in debate conversations are keys to Green Party policy, giving the honest American “a break”, and not insulting our intelligence about the state of domestic affairs or how we arrived at that place.
We now turn to understanding the McKinney campaign and the U.S. struggle to redeem itself from the road to imperialized commercial extremism while trying to balance a rebound for the U.S. Constitution, a corroded infrastructure and a deadbeat economy.
Ms. McKinney is Georgia’s first African American Congresswoman. Her ascension in the Executive chain of command has been frought with ..politics. We, the people who vote, share her contest with random demands on the American identity and our legitimate place in American politics.

Many political reformers in todays election climate are reaching for issues they believe will philosophically ally themselves with the people.   For the time being, party politicians adding a 5-11, or an Anti-Real ID issue, to their stump platform are among the Green Party, Ron Paul Republicans and The Libertarian Party. Each has a unique approach to representing the public on this issue.

In Texas, the Green Party voted on Saturday, June 14th to add a 5-11 “stump” to represent any Texan wanting to take a stand against Real ID’s while voting for their party.  It didn’t make it to the official stage for a vote, but it was handed off for approval in an amendment platform for latecomers.
While Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign ended, a chasm as large as the Grand Canyon is felt between Paul’s supporters and McCain’s kind of Republicans.  Many Ron Paul Republicans (some actually registered Libertarians) are at odds with many of the positions of Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee, Bob Barr. 

RON PAUL: “We must stop the move toward a national ID card system. All states are preparing to issue new driver’s licenses embedded with “standard identifier” data – a national ID.  A national ID with new tracking technologies means we are heading into an Orwellian world of no privacy.  I voted against the Real ID Act in March of 2005.” 
BOB BARR: “Big Government advocates are personified by the current Bush administration, favoring central control of virtually every facet of activity in our society, from education to transportation and from the plumbing in our bathrooms to the bulbs in our lamps.  While the Real ID debate shares some elements with its sister debate concerning voter ID, mixing the two as if the two sides of the same coin dilutes the host of fundamental concerns and responsibilities affected by the Real ID Act program now being forced down the throats of the states.
BTC Commentary:  Ron Paul clearly dictates a descriptive plan of action – the other clearly gives an editorial of what the state of affairs is with no concrete position or plan of action.  This leaves Ron Paul Republicans and Libertarians in a valley of indecision, now that Paul’s campaign has ended.
BeatTheChip contacted Bob Barr’s campaign about such a plan of action, due to the known uproar amid party members caused by Barr’s nomination as the Libertarian general election Presidential candidate. While local chairs were apologetic, offering a concrete point plan of representation on Real ID, Barr’s campaign offered a publicist with more of the same Op-Ed approach to action. She has not gotten back to us yet.
If that is any interpretation of what is ahead, Bob Barr will expound on the Libertarian complaint responding with press engagement, lack of action and even less supportive voting records.  
In essence, unless we report otherwise, Bob Barr has no real plan to deal with Real ID’s – stopping them or to “Barr” spending with States.   
Please keep checking back for position reports from other party politicians willing to make government move against Real IDs.