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BTC –  Next week members of the House and the Senate will be hearing from broad based coalitions about the effort to stop the continuance of national ID card programs.


The Real ID law is still in place.  E-Verify has been adopted in whole or in part by some states.  The TWIC card is considered a success with the regulated transport industry by some lawmakers. The American public has been asked to support a milder version of a Real ID in the PASS ID legislation; which also did not pass the 4th Amendment test.  Sides for and against it are in a stalemate due to State laws passed against the Real ID Act, privacy and national security concerns. And finally we are now asked to give up our privacy and produce yet another form of national identity mandated in Comprehensive Immigration Reform: a biometric worker card.

There have been many strong attempts to repeal Real ID and ban national identity. There is the perennial HR 220 – a comprehensive ban on all forms of national ID introduced every session since 2003, authored by Representative Ron Paul.  In 2009 Rep. Cohen introduced HR 3471, which would effectively repeal the Real ID Act and replace it with a negotiated rulemaking process.

The passage of SB 1070 in Arizona opened a pandora’s box of problems associated with racial profiling, nativist identity and forsaking common sense American Constitutional values for “Your Papers Please!” It snapped the knob off at high volume for border security concerns and anti-Mexican frustrations began to boil over. The law burns gun owners and other American citizens now risk running into escalated problems with law enforcement. The law also muddles lines positioning local police to enforce federal immigration laws, leaving the police departments vulnerable to financial bankruptcy from successive lawsuits based on enforcing immigration law.

Constituents living in States who passed laws or resolutions opposing national ID card programs are considered “the silent majority” by friendly lawmakers.  This is why it is important to speak up now and make yourself heard.

Don’t fail America’s future by staying silent now.  Please take time now to find your congressional leaders @ .  Unless you speak up, you will live with some version of “Your Papers Please!”

To follow is a variety of different action alerts produced and supported by a broad coaltion effort.

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