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This week on Waking Up Orwell….

The station, in an ambitious 4 day effort to install a new programming board and equipment, is still in its testing stages and was automated through the broadcast scheduled for 9/29/2010.

This gives us an additional week to upgrade graphics, develop the website and come up with ways to promote the show.

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THIS WEEKS NEWS: This about sums the national state of affairs pertaining to civil liberty this week.

“A bad weekend for civil liberties”

DIY Government

This weeks bid for sanity is to add your public comments about the Dept. Homeland Security’s request to for exemption from legal conditions set by the ECPA or Electronic Privacy Act of 1974 to monitor e-mail, phone calls, and anything else that creates a record from an electronic pulse.

*Big Thanks to Lady Axxiom for throwing this out there.



  • Public Knowledge about ECPA, COICA and a return to the days of the “clipper chip” with special guest, Art Brodsky.
  • Jessica Sundin for the Minnesota Anti-war Committee tells us what it’s like when the FBI raids you when they HAVE a warrent. More news about “improper” FBI conduct. 

BTC- CDT present’s their “4 options” for Identity reform. They find value in hanging onto the Real ID Act and fear a repeal. We say that 25 States are more afraid of getting Real ID than spending the time and resources to create 3 different bills for immigration reform, national drivers license standards, and transportation and international travel policy.  

HINT:  An internal passport is not necessary to carry on domestic daily affairs, no matter how much security is being screamed at us over the airport loud speakers.

Since only 4 options were projected for the PASS Act markup, ACLU reports that we have lost ground. The fact remains there is a massive difference in what Washington wants and what the American individual demands for personal identity standards.  We get to take it personally.

by Leslie Harris, CEO of Center for Democracy, for The Huffington Post

The current debate over a “national” ID standard has touched off a fierce debate in the civil liberties community. While such a dustup can be normal, even healthy, the outcome of this one could have serious implications for Americans’ privacy.

At the heart of the controversy is the recently introduced “PASS ID Act,” which would amend some of the more troubling provisions of the 2005 REAL ID Act. We view PASS ID as an important, if flawed, piece of legislation that will restore some of the key privacy protections eviscerated under REAL ID.

What is harder to fathom is the opposition of our fellow civil liberties advocates, who oppose PASS ID because it falls short of an outright repeal of REAL ID.

However, a repeal does not directly translate into privacy protections. Here’s the back of the envelope handicapping on what happens if REAL ID is ever repealed.  ::: MORE HERE:::