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Phil Mocek’s trial delayed to 9 a.m. Thurs. 12/9 in #ABQ. What is the #TSA trying to hide?

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Phil Mocek’s trial in Bernalillo County Metro Court tomorrow might be the first of its kind in the country. He was arrested after refusing to present identification to the Transportation Security Administration. Mocek’s case may be the first time someone has been arrested or charged with a crime after trying to travel by plane without showing ID.  

He’ll will be driving—not flying—from his hometown of Seattle to the Duke City for the trial.

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BTC _ The United Kingdom has cited “civil liberties” as the chief reason for cancelling the national ID card program and to scrap the National ID registry.   The ID card program was instated as part of the Labour party’s agenda to control immigration and and fight terrorism.  Privacy advocates, like NO2ID,  still seek to repeal  eablished laws on the books.


Anyone remember,  Tim “Congress must Repeal Real ID” Sparapani ?   While we know defending public identity doesn’t pay much, Sparapani did what he had to do.  Right now he’s the legal counsel for Facebook.   It only feels slightly better that we have one of our own on the inside of the Facebook fight.  While we are still working through our abandonment and betrayal issues, privacy needs more advocacy at Facebook.   WIRED magazine reports Facebook is working on “simplistic user controls” to unsnare profiles from complicated privacy controls which some consider unfair. So unfair, in fact, that transparency gauges were developed for people to watch certain Facebook applications. 

It is an important observation that the user controls at Facebook to delete accounts are hidden.  You’ll have to go off site and dig through WikiHows to figure out how to actually delete your account.   

Whatever… Facecrook is an immense high maintenance pain in the duff.  It’s time to move your clique to another fugee camp – try Diaspora.  While discussions say it is not as well developed or funded , it doesn’t mean it won’t be.  For now, it’s all the buzz amongst privacy pros.  

“Nine brave students chained themselves to the Az State Capitol on April 20, 2010 to send Gov. Brewer a message: VETO APARTHEID BILL SB 1070.  They were all arrested and hauled off to Sheriff Arpaio’s jail.

They have called for Non-Violent Direct Action until the Governor veto the bill or 90 days until it becomes law. Major Boycotts are also being planned against Arizona if it passes like this Nation has never seen.

Arizona is becoming a Police State were any and everyone with brown skin will be required to show papers and avoid or turn in anyone they suspect of being undocumented. This could include those taking a relative to the hospital or church.

Lobbyists groups like FAIR that helped write the bill stand to make Millions off the Az Tax payers as they conveniently helped write it so racists can sue any town, city or agency they feel isn’t enforcing this fascist law to their satisfaction.

Instead of dealing with the real causes of our border problems (NAFTA ) our racist Republican leadership wants to try more of the same like a crack addict who thinks all will be well if only he can have more. Senator Russell Pearce, the bills sponsor has been exposed as having ties with neo-Nazi and openly associates with hate groups. He used false data pulled mostly from anti immigrant websites most of which is easily proved to be false. “