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Here is a letter written to Lewis Black’s people, Comedy Central’s host of The Root of Evil :

Dear Lewis Black  & Associates ; 
This is a response to Lewis Black’s recent work with Identity Guard.
I am a part of a growing coalition of citizens against Real ID’s.  If everyone has to get a Real ID after December 31st, 2009, everyone’s identity will be wide open to hackers and identity theft. The database systems available to DMV’s are not secure.  The DHS is aware of this and is aware that it is very well documented to the public.  Therefore, my interest grew in the Identity Guard product.
Here is my problem with Identity Guard.  There is virtually no company or location or public service information outside of what’s on their website.   You are just supposed to fork over your money and your identity and believe that everything is ok.
Here is what it looks like:  Lewis Black was either 1) duped or 2) sold out to a corporation poised to feed on on the upcoming tsunami of people willing to “pay for protection” because their government is about to deliver their identity into the hands of (real or imagined) identity thieves who can all too easily plumb the lines of the newly centralized DMV databases.
Lewis Black was doing great work to correctly inform this country and it would be a horrific shame if he were silenced by corporate fascists.
I hope he’s allright.
Sheila Dean