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LISTEN : DNA Captures & the law with Dr. Deborah Peel

DNA’s use in making or breaking criminal justice cases has been instrumental in recent history. However, an equally recent practice is being abused. Patients’ DNA is being collected and stored without their knowlege or consent. Those with questions about their health and their digital privacy should tune in for our interview with Patient Privacy Rights’, Dr. Deborah Peel. Patient Privacy Rights is the nation’s leading health privacy watchdog. Deborah Peel, MD founded Patient Privacy Rights in 2004, now with 10,000 members in every state.

“For me and my family,” said Beleno,

“No, you can’t have our DNA.”


National DNA Database

In 2006 and 2007, then, Senator Obama, filed legislation that would create a national DNA database. The same bill was filed by Sen. Patrick Kennedy in 2008 . The bills required parental consent, but all three died in the Senate.

Study finds support by some parents

Not everyone is opposed to collecting, storing and using DNA from the newborn screening program for later use. A study by the University of Michigan found that when asked for consent, only 24 percent of parents objected to using their newborns blood samples for research. That number jumped to 72 percent of parents who were somewhat or very unwilling when asked if the samples could be used without permission.

Andrea Beleno said she may have consented, if asked. But after seeing how the State of Texas has handled the issue, her mind is made up.

“For me and my family,” said Beleno, “No, you can’t have our DNA.”

So far, more than 8,200 other families have made that same decision to opt out of allowing the state to use their child’s genetic material.